Traducción de oddity en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɑdədi//ˈɒdɪti/

nombrePlural oddities

  • 1

    • 1.1(person)

      (s)he's a bit of an oddity es un bicho raro

    • 1.2(thing)

      rareza femenino
      cosa rara femenino
      • I hope no one is too disappointed there are no actual photos of human oddities.
      • Then we have the historical oddities: the very old, the very weird, the very unlikely.
      • The book reveals its oddities and back-story in tiny sips, interspersed masterfully through the fast-paced action.
      • The people searching for pictures of human oddities are just sick, I tell you.
      • The small oddities encountered en route were also interesting enough for the camera and the cameraman.
      • But the stark, dystopian science-fiction tale has become a cult oddity if not a classic.
      • Occasional harmonic oddities are scattered throughout the arrangements.
      • Lauder warns against stereotyping racists as uneducated oddities.
      • Throughout the last three years of my education, I have come to realise just how many oddities Biology students share.
      • Getting close enables you to begin to understand these oddities of nature.
      • For the longest time, most of the searches finding this blog were for the terms human oddities or human mishaps.
      • Margret stared in wonder, her town had nothing like the strange creatures and oddities for sale that were here.
      • That doesn't mean the oddities are any easier to swallow but eventually you'll get it down once you're a little used to it.
      • The book is filled with astonishing performances, with strange and delightful oddities.
      • Monumental success meant the desire to turn Powers and his gang of cinematic oddities into that aforementioned franchise.
      • Written with charm and humour, this is a touching, absorbing oddity of a book about love, grief, avarice and generosity.
      • He had his oddities and eccentricities, but murder wasn't one of them.
      • All field huts are very welcome oddities in this environment.
      • European astronomers have discovered a true space oddity: a quasar without a detectable home galaxy.
      • Of course that doesn't compensate for oddities in the original recordings.

  • 2

    singularidad femenino
    rareza femenino
    • Some commentators have noted an oddity in Durkheim's writings.
    • The oddity of these locutions indicates how far from the mark are the analyses of ‘know’ from which they derive.
    • The oddity of this elaborate metaphor involving verse and human feet should not go unnoticed.
    • McBurney captures precisely the lonely oddity of individual lives that characterises Murakami's work.
    • The oddity of what he wore and what he was doing suited him.
    • Callum nodded, he had noticed this oddity, but blamed it on a mistake.
    • What Lenkiewicz brings to the party is an eye for the ramshackle oddity of family life.
    • One oddity of the generic preference polls is how volatile they are.
    • I can imagine that this play would have been the hardest to direct due to the sheer oddity of it all.
    • Thomas Pryor noted this oddity after observing one of the panel discussions in Hollywood.
    • One oddity of the place is that they don't do much in the way of fish and chips.
    • As they went out of the room, Lyenda voiced out one oddity of the palace.
    • As she walked through the corridors, she noticed another oddity about the sub.
    • The oddity of the practice is enhanced when I'm home alone.
    • The oddity of Saintsbury's view may be easily seen in particular instances.
    • The sheer oddity of this fabulous little book may explain why Boyd's writing is not more widely celebrated in Australia, and why it ought to be.
    • The highlanders, with their visible poverty and audible oddity of speech, met with a mixed reception and often sent home unfavourable reports.
    • One oddity of the new system is the windfall it will bring unionized employers.
    • One oddity of this 1971 show is that Jesus is not the ‘star’ of his own show.
    • The oddity of my catapulting into music made the subsequent speed of acquiring musical knowledge just as strange.