Traducción de odds en Español:


Pronunciación /ɑdz//ɒdz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    (in betting)
    proporción en que se ofrece pagar una apuesta, que refleja las posibilidades de acierto de la misma
    bookmakers are giving / laying odds of ten to one los corredores de apuestas están dando / ofreciendo diez contra uno
    • I'll lay (you) odds of two to one it doesn't happen te apuesto doble contra sencillo / dos a una a que no pasa
    • But the odds of winning the jackpot on the lottery are still 1,000 times better, at one in nearly 14m.
    • Malcolm confirms that the odds of winning big lottery and pokie payouts are ‘in the millions to one’.
    • However, if you have the maximum £30,000 invested, the odds of winning the jackpot fall to around 1 in 770,000 per draw.
    • Many people who play the lottery tend to forget about, or pay scant attention to, the odds of winning.
    • He also liked the bookmaker's odds of 7/2 for nobody to win a Grand Slam this time around.
    • NSW Lotteries said the odds of buying a single winning ticket in the $2 jackpot were one in 11.8 million.
    • Ms Thompson said Mr Doran was ‘absolutely right’ to say that the odds of winning the jackpot were 14 million to one.
    • You could have had odds of 3-1 from Ladbrookes on Tabby to win before the first live heat, but now those odds have shortened even more.
    • But before gamblers get too excited, they should remember that the odds of winning the jackpot are nearly one in 14m.
    • Bookmakers are offering odds of 500-1 that Rooney will receive a knighthood after his explosive Reds debut.
    • As I explained in this article, the odds of winning the Jackpot are almost fourteen million to one.
    • Bookmakers are quoting long odds of 16-1 on a Tory victory; but 5-1 on a hung parliament.
    • No self-respecting gambler would play odds of 14 million to one.
    • As illustrated by the odds ratios, the odds of rearrest for traditionally adjudicated offenders are two times those of drug court participants.
    • Having opened at the prohibitive odds of 4/6 she was expected to enjoy a fairly comfortable success.
    • Differences are reported as odds ratios and based on the statistic.
    • Before play, bookmakers were quoting odds of 33-1 on Bangladesh and 1-500 Australia.
    • At Stroud bookmakers in Hull he claimed to have won big money after staking £1.50 on an Irish Lottery game at incredible odds of 6,561-1.
    • At odds of 16-1, and with White displaying splendid form throughout the first five days of action, it began to look like very prescient gambling.
    • Use of the Whipple Bumper is expected to reduce the odds of a collision to one in ten.
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    (likelihood, chances)
    probabilidades femenino
    posibilidades femenino
    the odds were heavily against her winning tenía muy pocas probabilidades / posibilidades de ganar
    • all the odds are in your favor lo tienes todo a tu favor
    • the odds are that … lo más probable / seguro es que …
    • to lengthen/shorten the odds disminuir/aumentar las probabilidades
    • this increases / shortens the odds of … esto hace más probable que …
    • the odds on him recovering were never good nunca hubo muchas probabilidades de que se recuperase
    • the pilot survived against (all) the odds aunque parezca increíble, el piloto sobrevivió
    • despite overwhelming odds a pesar de tenerlo todo en contra
    • One of my dazed wits tried to tell me the odds against this actually happening.
    • But in a one-typesetter town, the odds are that the local type shop will offer mainly ITC faces.
    • Finally, according to Freeman, the odds against all three of these statistical anomalies occurring together are 250 million to one.
    • With what followed, the golfing odds may be against either claiming an unlikely victory today, but these were welcome returns to form nonetheless.
    • I mentioned that the odds against him winning, according to Centrebet, were 46 to 1.
    • Therefore, the odds are that most of them will take the chance of bringing it into court.
    • Although the odds against creating such an effective organization to represent taxpaying interests seem steep, the numbers give hope.
    • And when that happened the odds are that we would lose both the building and the local provision of services.
    • Ms. Cohen herself acknowledges the odds against her.
    • In another, the odds against chance were calculated to be 10 11 to 1.
    • If this does not happen the odds are that the Mountmellick TD could be on his way out of Leinster House.
    • If you are female, the odds are that you are more attractive than you think, so try flirting with some better-looking men.
    • Consequently, if you do not already manage someone who is handicapped, the odds are increasing that some day you will.
    • But the odds are that hostility will get even worse.
    • But to take this route as an author of creative fiction would seem to be the clearest way to stack the odds against the novel's success.
    • It will cost a lot of money, and the odds are that it won't work, right?
    • To say we've beaten the odds against success is an understatement.
    • But if a paper decides to run an article like this, the odds are that it will actually hit the streets, with punishment coming after the fact.
    • But odds are that it won't undo all of today's rain-induced vulnerability.
    • It is a story of determination over great odds, strokes of luck and relentless love.
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    it makes no odds (to me) no (me) importa