Traducción de odds-on en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌɑdz ˈɑn//ɒdzˈɒn/


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    he's the odds-on favorite es el que tiene todas las de ganar
    • they're odds-on to win this year's elections es casi seguro que ganarán las elecciones de este año
    • it's odds-on (that) he'll get the job lo más probable es que le den el puesto
    • Spending $10 million to clobber Riordan, Davis is definitely got to be the odds-on favorite.
    • The team is perched atop the Pacific International Junior Hockey League standings and odds-on favourites to repeat as playoff champions.
    • I mean, I don't see any clear, odds-on favorite.
    • Redwood Style at 4/5 was the surprise odds-on favourite for the sixth race over 575 yards.
    • They have to be the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl now.
    • Shandi's the odds-on favorite and Yoanna's the dark horse.
    • The formbook suggests it is a one horse race with the Worth Valley side odds-on favourites.
    • At 75 years old, Harry was still the odds-on favorite to win the tournaments at the Obelisk.
    • Alas, there's a slight complication: despite being Martin's odds-on favourite, Johnny hasn't won the nomination yet.
    • It was the first open win of the season for the Oxenholme-based four-year-old and odds-on favourite Sunny Bay was third.
    • Despite his team's late start, the 22-year-old driver from Kilgore, Texas, is the odds-on favorite to win the national championship.
    • Don't count the dark horses out of the race - remember that O'Connor herself was not the odds-on favorite 24 years ago.
    • Environmental studies is the odds-on favourite to be the next to go, likely to Elmira - that paragon of clean water.
    • Obviously, Gephardt would be the odds-on favorite in Iowa.
    • Well, Germany is the odds-on favorite to win tomorrow's World Cup Quarter Final in Seoul, but an ambitious American team feels it has nothing to lose.
    • Crosby is a 15-year-old phenom from Nova Scotia who is the odds-on favourite to be the first overall pick in the 2005 NHL draft.
    • Howard Dean looks to be the odds-on favorite to lead the party.
    • The six-year-old finished second behind odds-on favourite October Mist, trained by Mary Reveley, at Wetherby earlier this month.
    • Mutharika is seen as the odds-on favourite to win the presidency, mainly because the opposition has been unable to unite behind a single candidate.
    • They came to Portlaoise as odds-on favourites to win and had to produce the goods.