Traducción de odometer en Español:


cuentarrevoluciones, n.

Pronunciación /oʊˈdɑmədər//əʊˈdɒmɪtə/



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    cuentarrevoluciones masculino
    • In other words, ‘spinning out’ will cause a wheel-driven odometer to measure more distance between locations than actually exists.
    • The three-month old Aston has less than 6,000 kilometers on the odometer and Tom knows everything about the car.
    • They are old, run-down, and don't have gas gauges or odometers.
    • Cruising is what it's about for Spirit this weekend, chasing one last mission objective of putting 600 meters on the odometer.
    • I tend to run those computers long, like people who drive a Honda Civic till the odometer reads 300,000 km.
    • On September 25, the image odometer ticked over to 50,000-and kept right on counting.
    • The driver can then look at the odometer to see if they are over or under that distance.
    • We tend to measure mileage based on the rate of travel by these winged odometers.
    • At the time of the sale to Mr. Stieger, the odometer reading for the vehicle was 42, 416 kilometres.
    • I got back home at 10.01 on the car digital clock, and the odometer told me I had done 100.1 miles since I last filled up with diesel.
    • Each bike had an odometer attached to record the distance travelled each leg, with the distance recorded at the changeovers.
    • There is something called trip meter that shows mileage per trip and an odometer that displays the accumulated mileage.
    • Use the reset feature on the odometer found in most vehicles or simply use a post-it note in your car.
    • Yesterday, she broke that record by adding 80 feet to her odometer.
    • It took a few minutes before I noticed that I had just hit 78,000 miles… and my trip meter and my odometer are now completely in sync.
    • It consists of an analogue tachometer with a digital LCD for speed, odometer, dual tripmeters, clock and water temperature.
    • Spirit has gone from here to here, and that distance is 2.25 miles on the odometer.
    • I liked the odometer giving distance to the hundredths in case you really want to get picky about your mileage!
    • With 420 feet on her odometer, the rover is about to mark another half-way point.
    • The travelled distance information is obtained from the odometer sensor.