Traducción de Odyssey en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɒdɪsi//ˈɑdəsi/


  • 1

    the Odyssey la Odisea
  • 2plural odysseys", "odyssey

    odisea femenino
    • You don't, in fact, have to do much to present a story in Odyssean terms.
    • Pound's eye is always on resourceful intelligences, embodiments of the Odyssean archetype.
    • The book has been criticized for being outlandish but its appeal lies in its strong narrative voice and its Odyssean story line.
    • This talented photographer made an Odyssean journey from his home in California to photograph Britain's stables out of personal interest.
    • Anderson cuts back the distracting noises and crumbling static to reveal a stark paean about Odyssean fortitude.