Traducción de oeuvre en Español:


obra, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəvrə//ˈəːvr(ə)//ˈuvrə/



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    obra femenino
    • A CD of selections from Bartok's oeuvre performed by the author is attached within the back cover.
    • This causes havoc to the catalogue-based model of the oeuvre complete.
    • But even in the oeuvres of those authors, Jews, although mentioned, are usually dealt with superficially, not as a significant part of Hispanic culture.
    • In his oeuvre we can see work that seems weak and writing which may not satisfy.
    • Throughout his painted oeuvre there is a sort of metaphorical circuitry through which one form suggests another.
    • Like Jack, he contributed to the substantial body of Lindsay autobiography, a significant oeuvre in its own right.
    • With this publication, Wroth's complete oeuvre of published and unpublished works may be accessed in modern print editions.
    • This anthology serves as an introduction to the band's complete oeuvre.
    • The selectors have a good eye for an oeuvre and an outstanding contacts book.
    • By time he had completed The Comfort Of Strangers, McEwan had steered his oeuvre away from the overtly dark themes of his first four publications.
    • He is an extremely prolific composer whose output also includes some five symphonies, violin concertos, cello concertos, chamber music and vocal oeuvres.
    • He has just produced the fifth edition of The Great Rock Discography, bringing his oeuvre to a total of nine titles.
    • It perfectly sums up his oeuvre, and is easily his most complex film yet.
    • While it might not be suitable for young children, it certainly is one of the mildest films in his oeuvre.
    • Its course demands stamina, but the oeuvre of the Spanish master unfurls artlessly as a fascinating school of seeing.
    • The Festival seeks to offer productions that will, over the years, lay the oeuvre before the public.
    • By 1925, he ceased composing new works and instead revised his existing oeuvre.
    • In hindsight, that book now seems the most interesting in her oeuvre.
    • Both novels occupy somewhat ambiguous positions in the oeuvres of their authors.
    • The Seventh seems, in many ways, a summation of what has preceded it in the composer's symphonic oeuvre.
    • Hence the reader is forced to rely on his own memory or find the reference in another of the author's oeuvres.
    • While Ramsay's flair is most obvious in composition and oeuvre, the audio is equally important to the piece.
    • Despite this scant coverage, Miller's parceled body plays a significant part in his artistic oeuvre.
    • An oeuvre that successfully cut across two distinct areas of film production: the art film and commercial cinema.