Traducción de off-center en Español:


poco convencional, adj.

(British off-centre)

Pronunciación /ɒfˈsɛntə//ˌɔfˈsɛn(t)ər/


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    poco convencional
    her version of events was rather off-center su versión de los hechos fue un tanto particular
    • Despite the fine leads, the TV series failed to match the off-centre appeal of the movie.
    • Yet her chief prescription seems oddly off centre.
    • For me, already having an interest in the bizarre and anything off-centre, I liked Dada.
    • Harry paints some great pictures: just real enough to be believable, but just off-centre enough to be funny.
    • There's lots of movement that's upside down, off centre, racy.
    • Not just cute and beguiling, Pilkington's sculptures are slightly off-centre being both disarming and disconcerting.
    • Talk famously steals the riff from Kraftwerk's Computer Love and hearkens in tone to the quirky off centre Whisper.
    • In spite of all this, having the chance to watch a fine ensemble cast play such an array of off-centre characters is worth the price of admission alone.
    • From the off-centre title metaphor to the beautifully layered arrangement, this is no mere pastiche.
    • The dry, sharp wit of Enid's constant observations are matched by the deadpan outlandishness of the parade of off-centre characters she comes into contact with, which inspire them.
    • In contrast to this, they attempt to supplement work on the central institutions of China by presenting an off-centre view.
    • Rhodes has spoken of how her work has its parallels in her own history of being culturally off-centre.
    • The band play a noisy, off centre indie rock with shades of PJ Harvey.
    • Soren Alberto Gauger, now living in Krakow, Poland, writes an off-centre, twisting narrative, sparkled with elaborate prose in "The Unusual Narrative of the Odessa Conference."
    • That is why, in our respectful submission, the approach taken in point of principle is off centre.
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    (not in middle)
    • The composition of the figures is placed off-centre and the zigzagging lines of the cafe tables convey their situation in space.
    • An extra arm placed off-centre wouldn't do, you see, but Medusa-style hair of snakes would be fine (so long as it was balanced by a single of similar scale - say, a large beard).
    • For instance, the Earth is not exactly at the centre of the deferent, but is a little off-centre.
    • He posed the dancers in strange positions and put them off-center or cut off from the frame.
    • In the second shot, Mthethwa moves his human subject off-centre.
    • Final position of the tummy button may be off-centre.
    • In the Skara Brae object, you can see how cunningly the top and base ridges are off-centre, allowing it initially to be held vertically.
    • People opt for one fairly lush plant and place it off-centre on their mantel, rather than filling a whole shelf with plants.
    • This effect was also, as the experts agreed, exaggerated by the fact that the sensors of the Stal system were set off-centre in some of the holds.
    • Its orientation, however, was curious, running diagonally across the ditch extension towards a position off-centre of the mound.
    • Many had off-centre bores, which affected not only accuracy but also greatly weakened their breech ends, rendering them liable to burst.
    • There's a slightly off-centre 4in screen alongside a four-way navigation control with a separate button in the middle.
    • There is something so beautiful about it, the treatment of paint depicting the velvety skin, the delicious red/orange tones, and the placement - off-centre.
    • One off-centre bay window extends upwards, bringing views of the sky in addition to the broad sweep of the hills.
    • Naturally, there is a fairly large screen, plus Canon's nine-point auto-focusing system, which rarely misses an off-centre subject.
    • Mr. Butler liked everything quite off-centre and most ballet companies have to be on-centre for their particular kind of work.
    • A later invention, the unicycle with an off-centre hub, would bring people out into the corridors to watch him as he rode it, bobbing up and down like a duck.
    • With modern auto-focus cameras the most obvious focussing problem is where the subject is off-centre.
    • Lombardy's centres of viticulture are off-centre geographically - in the far north, in the far south, and in the far east - all well off the region's main axis of communication.
    • In the picture of a lustre bowl with green peas, the main items are off-centre, giving a diagonal thrust to the composition.