Traducción de off-roading en Español:


conducción (de un) todoterreno, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɔfˈroʊdɪŋ///


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    conducción (de un) todoterreno femenino
    • I admit straight out that the most serious off-roading I did with the H2 was when I turned too wide for my driveway and put half a tire on my lawn.
    • And its results fall far short of what most Dales residents and visitors want - namely, a complete legal ban on off-roading in the national park.
    • In the old days off-roading involved clunking mechanical levers and double declutching.
    • We are determined to do all we can to save this site which is ideal for off-roading because of the varied terrain.
    • Compared to other sports off-roading attracts large numbers of participants and large numbers of on-lookers.
    • So if off-roading is high on your list of priorities, this latest diesel Landcruiser is top of the category.
    • The more a car has been designed for off-roading, the cleaner and less damaged it is.
    • Many large 4x4 vehicles exhibit a certain amount of wander under such conditions, as off-roading requires a degree of looseness in this regard.
    • Rather than motocross or rally off-roading, the Ulysses is intended to potter along fire trails and bridle tracks.
    • Despite eight inches of ground clearance and a nifty descent control that lets you safely crawl down hills, the X3-like the X5-is not really meant for off-roading.
    • I once witnessed a fellow journalist, who fancied himself as a dab hand at off-roading, make a simple mistake and get it all terribly wrong.
    • It also has information related to training if you fancy some off-roading!
    • He admits frankly that the 4x4 potential for off-roading would rarely be used by customers.
    • Cooling is also important, since most off-roading is done at very slow speeds with the engine and transmission straining against the terrain.
    • The organizers promise plenty of exciting off-roading.
    • The ride quality is reasonable; the suspension is geared to off-roading rather than sheer comfort.
    • Rangers from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority have joined forces with the police to tackle the problem of illegal off-roading.
    • He has designed and is building an off-road vehicle in his garage so he can go off-roading with his friends.
    • It also has an online travel magazine and a link to motoring advice on winter driving, off-roading and tyres - which carries the suggestion, you'll be amazed to learn, that you're better off with Michelin.
    • The engines have been further developed to offer more torque at lower revs and to operate at more extreme angles to cope with tough off-roading.