Traducción de off-white en Español:


color hueso, adj.

Pronunciación /ɒfˈwʌɪt//ˈˌɔf ˈ(h)waɪt/


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    (invariable adjective) color hueso


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    color hueso masculino
    • White or off-white is always a safe bet in terms of color selection.
    • We had one rack of mat samples which included a few shades of white and off-white in acid-free boards.
    • The opening shot reveals the hallway, painted a soft, off-white colour.
    • If you want an added detail on your shoe, go for a pair with off-white stitching.
    • Here, the background in both the hallway and dining room is off-white, a blend of creams and whites and eggshell.
    • It was a pale blue with off-white trim reminding him of a beach cabin he stayed in for a week when he was a child.
    • Then they left it like that for a few days, the back walls brinded grey and off-white, like a hybrid cow.
    • Cream and off-white appeals to a wide audience and most people can contentedly ‘live with it’ in a new house.
    • His colour palette was more along the lines of a sombre grey, black, various shades of brown and off-white.
    • He said the man was wearing off-white board shorts, no shirt and had a shaved head.
    • Painted on top of each are geometric shapes that range from dark green to magenta to off-white.
    • I slipped on a pair of off-white heels, grabbed my purse and ran downstairs.
    • He changes his off-white shirt for a beige one that makes him look, if anything, even more preternaturally pale.
    • Khadi can often encompass many shades from oatmeal, to grey and off-white.
    • There was no chance of snowfall, and the sky was a fine, mottled china-blue and off-white.
    • It was pale off-white, and had granite counter tops, and electronics galore.
    • Colour tends to be dark grey on the dorsal surface, fading to off-white on the belly.
    • The guy looked ultra-cool in his off-white muscle tee and a pair of beige Dockers.
    • There are some great designs in off-white jackets - they look good with one of our designer linen shirts.
    • On his legs he wore a pair of off-white pants that cut off above his ankles.