Traducción de offcut en Español:


recorte, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɒfkʌt/


  • 1

    (of leather fabric, paper, wood) recorte masculino
    (of leather fabric, paper, wood) trozo masculino
    (of meat) resto masculino
    • Doyle decided he was getting poor value from the scrappage of offcuts from the silver cutlery products and started tentatively investigating using the offcuts to make jewellery.
    • Although certain businesses have donated paint, wood offcuts and other items over the year, he said it was disheartening to see the lack of interest by the public.
    • Poor old Sofia has been down to her local carpet warehouse and snapped up a few offcuts of a revolting cerise floor covering.
    • Here there are a number of shabby, hand-written/painted signs which amount to no more than offcuts of wood.
    • Being employed full-time at Nakara, where she displays and sells her art, she has access to offcuts that are too small for anything but her unusual application.
    • I think I get my love of crafts from my mother, who at the moment is obsessed with turning offcuts from mohair rugs into luxurious winter wraps.
    • Moulds for at least two socketed axes and a knife were found - dated typologically to about 1000-800 BC - as well as a blue glass bead, a small bronze offcut and quantities of charcoal.
    • Iti's paintings are generally unframed; several are rendered on irregular offcuts of canvas or black builders' paper.
    • Suddenly for no apparent reason I had a flash of inspiration and started collaging greetings cards out of offcuts from my prints.
    • Volunteers at the charity are self-confessed scavengers, regularly on the prowl for offcuts no longer needed by factories and offices.
    • Occasionally, the owner took pity on us impecunious students and gave us an offcut of something for free.
    • Layer half of the rest in the base of a fairly shallow ovenproof dish, including the offcuts.
    • He also left behind a leather offcut with his name inscribed upon it, and may have owned the magnificent chamfron which was found nearby.
    • Also in the barrow ditches were woodchips and offcuts from the construction of the mound's timber revetment.
    • Reverse Garbage trucks are a regular sight Sydney wide, picking up industry offcuts, and bits and pieces of all shapes, sizes, colours, and molecular make-up.
    • They used offcuts of kip leather used in bush saddlery.
    • On my way out to Spilsby for bread I popped my head round the door to see how he was doing and found him cheerfully bagging up some sawdust and offcuts.
    • The concrete car park is clad in black granite offcuts that are laid as coursed rubble to form a rough dark plinth to the red and white terrace above.
    • Before you screw it all together you will find you have a few little offcuts of fibre board lying around.
    • I wanted to buy some kimono silk offcuts to make a bunch of silk & velvet scarves for ebaying, and I found lots of excellent stuff in pinks and lavenders and silvers and dark reds.