Traducción de offensive en Español:


ofensivo, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈfɛnsɪv//əˈfɛnsɪv/


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      (gesture/language/remark) ofensivo
      (gesture/language/remark) insultante
      there's no need to be offensive no hay por qué ofender / insultar
      • to be offensive to sb ofender / insultar a algn
      • Officials have always been able to send off players who use offensive, abusive or insulting language, but now that definition's been extended to cover gestures too.
      • I found the tone of your comments surprisingly offensive, which is very unusual for me.
      • He didn't say anything too offensive, but his eyes mocked her.
      • No matter what your stance on gun control this would be morally offensive.
      • ‘Smoking should be treated by Hollywood as seriously as offensive language,’ he says.
      • The FCC definition of indecency focuses on language deemed patently offensive by community broadcast standards.
      • "It was offensive to some people, " founder Richard Yoo says.
      • There will be people who find the above image highly offensive and insensitive.
      • Yes, I know this message could be offensive to certain people.
      • Therefore, it would not be considered offensive in nature.
      • Bart said he was deeply sorry for the offensive language.
      • The film provoked controversy because of its use of offensive language, and was given an 18 rating by film censors.
      • Instead a particular kind of behaviour - such as smoking, unhealthy eating, or offensive language - is merely deemed beyond the pale.
      • By this point Aunt Sally has moved on to the next offensive remark.
      • He says he regrets that the comment was offensive.
      • If it's offensive to your sensibilities, then move on to something else.
      • I couldn't figure it out… I hadn't said anything even remotely offensive!
      • Apparently, it was deemed too offensive by the BBC in 1962.
      • Whatever it is, I find it highly offensive.
      • His writings were deemed offensive on various grounds, including personal, religious and political.

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      (sight/smell) desagradable
      • ‘This gives off a very offensive odour, certainly when it is spread in dry weather,’ he said.
      • What's wrong with admitting that some smells are offensive?
      • Neighbors called authorities after an offensive smell began emanating from the house in Sydney's southern suburbs.
      • One such hide hung from the opposite wall, an offensive smell permeating it.
      • A doctor friend of ours kindly provided a large supply of surgical masks which I wore constantly to mask the imaginary offensive smells emitting from the kitchen.
      • In a three-month period, there were 33 disruptive incidents in total, most relating to having an offensive smell or verbal abuse.
      • Chimney-sweeps, on the other hand, formed distinct and coherent communities, their filthy appearance and offensive smell forcing them into collective isolation.
      • The blossom is pollinated by flies that are attracted by its offensive smell: rotting flesh.
      • Be advised that if you encounter people who do carry an offensive odor, do not just tell them they stink.
      • Whereas gravlax has never had an offensive smell, the more fully fermented rakefisk is quite different in this respect.
      • It will not have the offensive smell of raw pig waste and will hopefully be available to farmers at less than the cost of imported fertilisers.
      • The list is a not-so-subtle attempt to shift attention away from the offensive odors that usually cause complaints.
      • I don't believe that there are many people around now who still genuinely find a nude human being to be an offensive sight.
      • I'm just glad we will be spared the sight of this offensive spectacle.
      • Most mattresses lose their offensive smell within a few weeks, especially in a well-ventilated bedroom.
      • Certain regions of the street were near inapproachable due to offensive odours, the likes of which could be produced only by excessive waste.
      • For hundreds of years herbs and spices have been used to cover up and eliminate offensive odours in the home.
      • Other offensive odours can come from areas such as the refrigerator, garbage bins, including indoor compost buckets, musty drawers and even shoes.
      • A place where those who find offensive the sight of their neighbours walking down the street now have their very own Commission to complain to.
      • But if the smell is offensive, you need to tackle it along with the athlete's foot.

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      (strategy) ofensivo
      offensive weapon (feminine (with masculine article in the singular)) arma ofensiva
      • He said the bow and arrow constituted an offensive weapon and warned others not to make similar mistakes.
      • Seizures of drugs and offensive weapons other than guns, during stop and searches were also the highest outside the Metropolitan Police force.
      • They are most proud of the fact that they could quickly shift gears from force protection operations to direct offensive combat without missing a beat.
      • Current non-arrestable offences include impersonating a police officer, failing to stop a vehicle when ordered to do so and manufacturing or selling an offensive weapon.
      • Building defenses to stop offensive missiles has gone global, as well it should.
      • Apparently a decision was made to conduct a simultaneous air/land offensive operation.
      • The police currently have the power to stop and search people in connection with the carrying of knives and other offensive weapons.
      • The thinking behind offensive grenades is that the thrower is in the open attacking an enemy position, and so cannot take cover, so he aims to stun the enemy with an explosive blast.
      • You need offensive mobility to actively seek attacking opportunities.
      • Designed as a heavy fighter the Unicorn gunboat has the offensive power to take out small capitol ships, providing it lasts that long though.
      • A charge of possession of a wooden truncheon as an offensive weapon on the A61 Leeds Road at Pannal on the same day was dropped.
      • To achieve these goals, he is likely to use the entire range of his aerospace offensive weapons.
      • The attack actions include offensive measures and supporting measures, as shown in the table.
      • A weapon with one but not both characteristics should not be considered offensive.
      • Apparently, the framers believed in a distinction between aggressive or offensive war and defensive military measures.
      • Securing the base meant conducting offensive ground combat operations.
      • Characteristics of offensive weapons are improved, enabling them to be used, quite soon, both in airspace and outer space.
      • Butler was tried and convicted of carrying an offensive weapon.
      • It will be the hub of all logistics support for combat forces conducting offensive operations in littoral regions.
      • First, for the insurgent, warfare is always offensive, never defensive; always protracted, never swift.
      • One consequence of the increased sophistication of offensive weapons has been the increased sophistication of defensive strategies.
      • The MCS will provide direct and beyond-line-of-sight offensive firepower.
      • The captain said the unit supported airlift operations and offensive air support operations.
      • ‘We keep all legislation to deal with knives and offensive weapons under review to ensure they are effective and enforceable,’ he said.
      • They do not want other countries in Asia to get any kind of offensive missiles and nuclear weapons.
      • He further admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and each defendant also admitted carrying an offensive weapon in public.
      • They found 13 firearms and 266 offensive weapons.
      • As hostilities unfold and become tenser, the sides will inevitably launch multiple defensive and offensive operations.
      • Victories won through aggressive offensive action would give a small army a moral ascendancy over its foes, allowing it to obtain decisive victory.
      • The offensive tempo of the operation would ebb and flow for the duration of the battle, changing rapidly due to the enemy's ability to use terrain to his advantage.
      • The purpose of this follow-on operation was to further reduce the offensive capabilities of the militia.
      • An air defense effectiveness indicator in offensive operations should reflect the extent of air superiority of the friendly forces.
      • In August 1992 Williams was convicted of trespassing with an offensive weapon and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.
      • In planning the war, Japan set clearly aggressive, offensive tasks.
      • One was also cautioned for carrying an offensive weapon after a knuckle-duster and a knife were found.
      • Historically, urban warfare has been among the most difficult offensive operations, leaving many attackers and defenders dead.
      • Since the galley represented by the model in Plates V and VI, was built in 1736, her dominant offensive weapon was a cannon at her bow.
      • They never used offensive power to enlarge national territories at the expense of others.
      • The rapid technological development of offensive weapons posed a serious challenge to air defenders.
      • Efficient performance of these tasks largely determined success of offensive operations.

    • 2.2US Deporte

      de ataque
      • There aren't enough great offensive defensemen to go around.
      • There are many reasons why people say Anthony Munoz is greatest offensive lineman ever.
      • To do this you will need to increase their turnovers or get more offensive rebounds.
      • Still, there are a lot of options for teams in need of offensive playmakers.
      • Malone is averaging 1.7 offensive rebounds, well under his career mark of 2.5.
      • AFC West observers aren't sure the Chargers can last with their offensive line.
      • Rolls has the starting job at second base largely because of his offensive power.
      • The Mavericks probably are the most potent offensive team in the game but are criticized for their defense.
      • However, Oakland has the offensive weapons to give the Chargers' defense fits.
      • Aldridge is such a good rebounder he can get 10 points a game using offensive putbacks and free throws.
      • Boudreau joined the team last year and brought dramatic improvement to the offensive line.
      • I think tight ends who can block are appreciated even less than offensive linemen.
      • The Broncos have more offensive weapons than they did in their Super Bowl years.
      • He has the height and weight NFL teams desire in an offensive tackle.
      • What do most offensive linemen get noticed for, anyway?
      • The only positions declared dosed in the first round are quarterback and offensive tackle.
      • He is a solid on the ball defender, which makes up for his unorthodox offensive game.
      • The offensive team passes the ball from man to man while the defense adjusts and follows the ball.
      • The timeout is given at the first deadball when the team requesting it has offensive possession or on a foul.
      • They need to score with their defense and get a lot of offensive rebounds.


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    ofensiva femenino
    to launch an offensive against sb/sth lanzar una ofensiva contra algn/algo
    • to be on the offensive estar a la ofensiva
    • to go over to the offensive pasar a la ofensiva / al ataque
    • to take the offensive tomar la ofensiva