Traducción de offer en Español:


oferta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɒfə//ˈɔfər//ˈɑfər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(proposal)

      (of job, money) oferta femenino
      (of help, mediation) ofrecimiento masculino
      the offer still stands la oferta sigue en pie
      • thank you for your kind offer gracias por su amable ofrecimiento
      • she refused his offer of a drink rechazó la copa que le ofrecía
      • they refused my offer of the car no quisieron que les prestara el coche
      • an offer of marriage una proposición matrimonial / de matrimonio
      • I've had the offer of a job in Rome me han ofrecido un trabajo en Roma
      • share offer emisión de acciones / títulos
      • the windows need cleaning: any offers? hay que limpiar las ventanas: ¿quién se ofrece?
      • to make sb an offer they can't refuse hacerle una oferta muy tentadora a algn
      • The selling agent is seeking offers in the region of £2.3 million for the entire portfolio.
      • The current salary offers are among the lowest in the current wage round.
      • He thought about it, but he wanted to go into geology and already had a job offer with oil firms.
      • But such was my desire to make myself look more attractive I accepted her offer.
      • The government must have been sorely tempted by offers of lavish U.S. aid.
      • The defendants made one offer which was withdrawn.
      • She believed the offer of a good job she had secured would be withdrawn in the subsequent economic downturn.
      • How long would it be before both offers amounted to the same cumulative total?
      • People have been sending me kind offers of help, but frankly I'm still overwhelmed.
      • A simple apology and an offer of help for my son would have sufficed.
      • At present this information is found out by would-be purchasers after their offer to buy a home has been accepted.
      • The agent is seeking offers in the region of £960,000 for the properties.
      • Boland's apology and offer of help were the only ones she had received.
      • We should be telling them to do the job, with an offer of U.S. logistical help.
      • You can make an offer to buy but the seller can accept or refuse the offer.
      • No one is revealing the exact amount of the offers, but rumours suggest that they are around $500,000.
      • In fact, the defendants never gave the plaintiff any written offer of employment.
      • His offers of assistance have been generous and more than we could ever expect.
      • Any offers of food, money, or dvds will be greatly appreciated.
      • He declined an offer to rejoin the job and wear the alternative badge.
      • A less attractive offer would likely be made this time around, they said.
      • She is holding out accepting the job offer to see if she likes it.
      • Many of the rest accepted the offer of amnesty offered to those who surrendered within twenty-four hours.
      • The current offer would not see drivers lose any money despite the reduced hours.
      • The apartment comes with designated parking and the agents are seeking offers in excess of €290,000.
      • Imagine as well that he had been chosen for the job and had accepted the offer to be the candidate's running mate.
      • And now they can't possibly refuse his immensely generous offer.
      • Since being noticed on the show and receiving two Golden Globes he has received numerous lucrative job offers.
      • There was no offer of employment at the end of the training period.
      • The government has a reconciliation program that offers amnesty and jobs.
      • Though several colas showed interest, the most attractive offer came from British Telecom.

    • 1.2(bid)

      oferta femenino
      offers around $80,000 considered se considerarán ofertas de alrededor de 80.000 dólares
      • $650 or nearest offer 650 dólares negociables / a convenir
      • go on, make me an offer anda, ofréceme algo / hazme una oferta

  • 2

    (bargain, reduced price)
    oferta femenino
    introductory offer oferta de lanzamiento
    • Then the restaurant ran a series of special offers.
    • Gibb was reduced to selling his designs through special offers in magazines.
    • The figures were for regular shelf prices, with special offers excluded.
    • This is why it's best to stick with student nights that have plenty of money saving offers.
    • Increased competition between the three mobile operators has led to greater prices and special offers in recent years.
    • So it's no surprise to see every major player in the market touting special offers.
    • Special offers, year-end discounts and Christmas goodies tempt even the thriftiest customer.
    • Price differences can also occur due to special offers or different launch schedules of new handsets.
    • Slow summer bookings have prompted offers of 1970s prices for package holidays.
    • He has also come up with a number of innovative price offers.
    • Sales are slowing for notebooks, despite a frenzy of vendor price cuts, rebates, freebies and special offers.
    • It will also be running special promotional offers, including free gifts along with the purchases at the showroom.
    • The official deadline for fans to take advantage of the discount offer before prices are hiked up is Sunday.
    • Special offers include three nights, dinner, bed and breakfast for 99 per person.
    • But keep your eyes peeled for special offers throughout the year.
    • You can either try to get a discount flight or you can view their special offers, either way you will end up with a good deal.
    • A special introductory offer is available at the moment.
    • Not everyone gets to see and buy a whole range of home appliances, all under one roof, with special offers and major discounts.
    • Aer Lingus discount flight offers do not include taxes and charges.
    • In fact, bargain fare offers are one of the few real plusses from rail privatisation.
  • 3on offer, British

    • 3.1(available)

      there's not much on offer at this year's fair no hay mucho para comprar en la feria de este año
      • there are several good jobs on offer in the paper hay varias ofertas de empleo interesantes en el periódico

    • 3.2(at reduced price)

      de oferta
      coffee is on offer this week el café está de / en oferta esta semana

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(proffer)

      she offered them tea les ofreció té
      • may I offer you a drink? ¿quisiera beber algo?
      • I offered him my hand, but he refused it le tendí la mano, pero la rechazó
      • may I offer you some advice? ¿puedo darle / ofrecerle un consejo?
      • I offered it to several people se lo ofrecí a varias personas
      • she offered her resignation puso su cargo a disposición del presidente (or de su jefe etc.)
      • I was offered a good price for the painting me ofrecieron un buen precio por el cuadro
      • One of the most ambitious tuition assistance programs is offered by UPS, which offers part-time employees up to $3,000 a year toward college tuition and fees.
      • The school has kindly offered us a temporary facility which the club is still using after five years.
      • After hearing her voice, he immediately offered her the duet.
      • Though Lance had often visited them, offering them jobs and new homes, they refused his presence.
      • Employees have also rejected the severance payment offered by the new company to 1,000 workers who will be laid off.
      • A kindly Asian woman offered me some toxic-looking chicken curry for half price as I wandered by.
      • It just said I was being considered and would I accept it if they offered it me.
      • They were both accepted by Cornell which offered them teaching assistantships.
      • However, having no money, he steals a set of silverware from a kindly bishop who offers him hospitality.
      • Anusila offered sweets to all present and Chatterjee couldn't resist his temptation to pick up a sandesh.
      • Those with the most points are deemed most in need, and suitable properties that become available are offered to them.
      • Sensing my fatigue, Harry kindly offered me his guest bedroom for a welcomed nap.
      • When he dies, he is greeted by a voice that offers him rebirth in sundry universes.
      • The boy-leader caught the urgency in his voice and offered me his hand, to help me down from the trailer.
      • If she passed the interview, she was to be offered the first available position as a police officer.
      • Darbar's boss, kindly offered us complimentary tea after our meal.
      • The Castries Heritage Tour presented by Solar Tours offers visitors a chance to explore the city.
      • He said he hoped the people to whom the appeal's cash was offered would accept hand-outs in the spirit in which they were meant.
      • At present, most schools offer bursaries to children talented in music, sport or the arts.
      • Villepin's plan also includes penalties for unemployed people who do not accept the jobs they are offered.

    • 1.2(show willingness)

      to offer to + inf ofrecerse a + inf
      • he never offers to help nunca se ofrece a ayudar
      • she offered to pay for the damage se ofreció a pagar los daños
      • I could help you, she offered —si quieres te ayudo —dijo ofreciéndose
      • Barbara had some friends in construction and she offered to have them fix the damage, but the company said no.
      • Charlie arched an inquisitive eyebrow at her new friend who had so kindly offered to drive her home.
      • A fitness centre member who is a professional photographer has also kindly offered to take two portrait photos as raffle prizes.
      • By the afternoon, she was too tired to walk on her own any longer and Yuuhi kindly offered to carry her on his back.
      • The guy beside me very kindly offered to swap with me when this giant came and sat in front of me!
      • They had kindly offered to pay for my driving lessons and my test.
      • Two men driving a blue Transit van with ladders on its roof called to the home of the elderly couple offering to fix their guttering.
      • He kindly offered to change a couple of the words from the original transcript for greater clarity.
      • If they ever offered to fix my dripping kitchen tap, they'd be welcome.
      • Why did Ernest offer to fix the plane free of charge after not receiving payment for the first job?
      • In an instant, a towing company arrived and offered to fix the problem and pull the boat off the shoal.
      • After demolishing theirs, it became apparent that ours was in a perilous condition and he very kindly offered to help remedy the situation.
      • In July the company mailed recall letters offering to fix any defects for free.
      • Even though he was in the middle of his A level revision he kindly offered to make the trip north to assist me.
      • This act reminds me of a kindly uncle who offers to read the children a bedtime story, and chooses Dracula.
      • After explaining her situation to this beautiful stranger he kindly offered to drive her back into town where she'd be able to get a new chain fitted.
      • She showed a very interesting video on security and very kindly offered to help anyone with advice on security in the home.
      • Lucia, the beauty therapist, told me to apply the different mud treatments by myself, although she kindly offered to do my back.
      • He kindly offered to give them a lift to the harbour, although he was slightly displeased when he realised how much luggage there was going to be.
      • He kindly offered to wait for me to finish my act and give me a lift.

  • 2

    (put forward)
    (idea/solution) proponer
    (idea/solution) sugerir
    (excuse/alibi) presentar
    if I may offer an opinion, … si se me permite ofrecer / expresar una opinión …
    • he never even offered any suggestions ni siquiera hizo ninguna sugerencia
  • 3

    (reward) ofrecer
    (opportunity) brindar
    (opportunity) ofrecer
    we offer a wide range of models ofrecemos una amplia gama de modelos
    • candidates must offer at least two years' experience/two languages los candidatos deben poseer dos años de experiencia/hablar dos idiomas como mínimo
    • to have sth to offer tener algo que ofrecer
    • Web based learning offers huge opportunities for learning and access to a vast amount of knowledge and information.
    • The economic slow down actually offers an opportunity to re-assess and reformulate the structure of mass transit investment.
    • Digitization offered new opportunities to providing access to these collections.
    • He said it was an attractive site because it offered easy access to the motorway network, and there was also the potential to gain European funding.
    • Tourism in particular offers huge opportunities in the short-term.
    • The site offers easy access to over 6000 holiday homes of all shapes, sizes and prices worldwide.
    • The work itself is expected to be routine, not offering much opportunity for career growth.
    • Shopping online is great for accessing a global marketplace and offers the opportunity of sourcing bargains.
    • It may allow you to develop a particular skill that offers unlimited opportunity.
    • It offers easy access via various land and air routes.
    • The club offers access to the two darkrooms on campus and provides material for film developing and printing.
    • Books, and now the Net, offer easy access to a goldmine of information.
    • The corporate voice portal market offers real opportunity to service providers.
    • It is a highly rewarding career, offering unlimited opportunities but requires a high degree of commitment, dedication and hard work.
    • No other nation in the world offers such easy access to its complete academic research output in digital form, the researchers claim.
    • This offers an opportunity to provide a good range of child care and gives the wider community a range of other services.
    • The open global economy offers opportunity, creativity and wealth.
    • Other new markets, particularly India, are offering excellent opportunities for the mutual firm.
    • We will also be offering opportunities for further career training for some of the young people.
    • It also offered easy access to Macedonian lands, which were not part of the new Bulgarian state.
  • 4

    (give, show)
    (resistance) ofrecer
    (resistance) oponer
    to offer battle presentar batalla
    • The Iraqi army disintegrated before the onslaught, offering only token resistance.
    • Bash cursed in pain but didn't offer any more resistance as Speedy led him the rest of the way downstairs to the entrance.
    • Clydebank are doomed, but they clearly do not intend to lie down and accept their fate without offering some resistance.
    • What resistance, you will be wondering, was offered by the native population of our islands?
    • This revealed that the Americans had greatly overestimated the Iraqi army, which virtually disintegrated, offering only token resistance.
    • Croatia had offered spirited resistance then but not much going forward.
    • Iraqi tanks came under withering fire, and Iraqi troops once again offered little resistance.
    • The enormous fish, which measured nearly 2m in length, strangely offered little resistance and was hauled up to the boat.
    • Anyone who offered any resistance was brutally dealt with, and his son would soon show the same ruthlessness.
    • Martinique offered only token resistance when attacked in 1762.
    • He would still attack Bradford, but would now only seek to slaughter those who offered real armed resistance.
    • Rosenborg should, on the face of it, offer little resistance to Madrid's progress to the quarter-finals.
    • What resistance can be offered to tyranny where each individual is weak…?
    • I didn't offer up much resistance, and sat down on a bench opposite a bunch of tulips.
    • In the gorge the remnants of the Taliban lines offered little resistance.
  • 5

    (prayers/sacrifice) ofrecer
    • And Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up as a sacrifice in place of his son.
    • Furthermore, the patients were unaware that prayers were being offered on their behalf.
    • If our prayer is offered up in full faith, we are assured, that it will be efficacious.
    • On the next day when he offered the prayer they all offered it up with him and it was again talked about on the following morning.
    • In order to calm a sea monster that hid on the bottom of the sea, a girl was offered up as a sacrifice each year.
    • There have been so many prayers and messages offered on my behalf.
    • He said there was a feeling that fishing in the region had been offered up as a sacrificial lamb.
    • When faced with an uncomfortable situation and/or feeling, I can make a sacrifice of that situation or feeling, to offer it up to my Gods, in order to make it bearable.
    • If you don't want to lose something unexpectedly, offer something up to begin with.
    • Everyone has his or her sacred cow; the test of clear thinking is the ability to offer it up for sacrifice when a larger principle is at stake.

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    (opportunity) presentarse

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (present itself)
    (opportunity) presentarse
  • 2

    (show willingness)
    I didn't ask him and he never offered no se lo pedí y él tampoco se ofreció
  • 3arcaico

    (make offer of marriage)
    to offer to sb proponerle matrimonio a algn
    • James, refusing the advice of his senior staff to withdraw to the Shannon, offered William battle.