Traducción de officially en Español:


oficialmente, adv.

Pronunciación /əˈfɪʃəli//əˈfɪʃəli/


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    (announce/appoint/approve) oficialmente
    • Like Cameron, he is expected to launch his leadership campaign officially within the next fortnight.
    • He mentioned his brother when he officially launched his campaign in June this year.
    • It is silent running and produces zero emissions and was officially launched on to the Irish market last month.
    • Autumn may have only officially begun today but already we are seeing the leaves in Yorkshire begin to their dramatic change.
    • There are challenging times ahead indeed, as he officially takes over his new position in January.
    • The site will be officially opened to the public in spring, when a kissing gate is installed at the roadside.
    • He is due to be officially elected at the formal mayor making ceremony on May 10.
    • The bakery, which will make fresh bread several times each day, will officially open to the public on Monday.
    • The exhibition officially opens to the public today and admission is included in the normal entry price.
    • Montana officials have officially closed all public land in the entire western half of the state.
    • Davis has left today free before officially launching his campaign on Tuesday.
    • The election campaign begins officially tomorrow, barring some catastrophe overnight.
    • At the end of this month, he will officially begin the process of ‘setting out’.
    • Neither is particularly appealing, although as the day officially begins at ten I guess the latter is more sensible.
    • Until that date nobody is officially standing at the election in Hove.
    • Events officially began when a government official gave permission for people of all ranks to wear masks.
    • The formal business of officially opening the premises is then expected to take place.
    • The festival began on Thursday and officially ended on Sunday evening.
    • The hunt for a new apartment officially began on Saturday with me making about 10 calls.
    • The organizations will officially file questions regarding the fuel prices to the oil firm, he added.
    • The institution had to close its doors officially last week.
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