Traducción de officiate en Español:


oficiar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈfɪʃiˌeɪt//əˈfɪʃɪeɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (at mass/at a wedding) oficiar
    to officiate at sth oficiar (en) / celebrar algo
    • to officiate as chair ejercer las funciones de presidente
    • At the initial condolence ceremony, the marabout officiates, transmitting his religious blessing or benediction (called al baraka) to the guests.
    • A cousin of the bride celebrated the Mass and officiated at the ceremony.
    • He officiated at the service and later imparted Benediction to all present.
    • The priest who officiated at the wedding welcomed me equally as a co-celebrant.
    • Ministers are already allowed to conduct marriage ceremonies outside churches and last year officiated at 380 such weddings, an increase of 41 on the previous year.
    • Requests for him to officiate at services outside a church building are up 25 percent.
    • Many still officiate at weddings with little or no regard for premarital education.
    • A common type of gift for clergy is the customary honoraria for officiating at weddings or funeral services.
    • Unlike in Christianity, marriage is not a sacrament, and monks do not officiate at wedding ceremonies.
    • Tack was her ordination sponsor and officiated at Smith's wedding.
    • My character actually officiated at several marriage ceremonies.
    • Fr Percy officiated at the service at which everyone wept.
    • A lama (Buddhist religious leader) officiates at the ceremony.
    • The first priest to officiate at a service in the church since the 1770s, he led the prayers at annual graveyard Mass for the assembly of over 300 people.
    • As Brendan was leaving the church, and by this time definitely pushing his luck, he spoke to the priest who had officiated at the service.
    • Last year members of the society officiated at 49 marriage services - up 80% on the previous year.
    • The pastors officiating at the funeral wore their purple stoles.
    • I counsel couples seeking marriage and officiate at their weddings.
    • Already the diocese of Boston has 200 such deacons, who can officiate at weddings, conduct funeral services, visit the sick, distribute Holy Communion - and preach.
    • Most typically, the pastor begins and closes the service, preaches the sermon or homily, officiates at the sacraments, if offered, and does the anointing.