Traducción de offset en español:


compensar, v.

Pronunciación: /ˈɔfˌsɛt//ˌɔfˈsɛt//ɒfˈsɛt//ˈɒfsɛt/

verbo transitivo

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    (compensate for)
    (costs/shortfall/loss) compensar
    to offset sth against sth deducir algo de algo
    • any overpayment will be offset against your next invoice cualquier saldo a su favor le será deducido de su próxima factura
    • So world markets tend to move in tandem, and foreign investment, especially index investing, offsets domestic risk less than it once did.
    • The key question is whether wages will continue to grow fast enough to offset rising energy prices.
    • Because oil is priced in dollars the surge in oil prices for the past few years has been offset by the strong euro which traded as high as $1.33 at one point in the cycle.
    • While the video has an awful amount of artifacting, it is somewhat offset by the above average audio track.
    • Designing in the shade garden offers many challenges, but the wide palette of material that is available offsets this.
    • An increasing university student population has partly offset these effects.
    • Economics teaches us that lower margins are not necessarily bad and can be offset when a market is growing rapidly.
    • With job losses in manufacturing and agriculture offset by job gains in construction, unemployment has remained low.
    • All this upward pressure in demand offsets to a large degree the downward pull of rising interest rates in the national real estate market.
    • Improvements in electricity and water supply have been offset by disruption caused by sabotage.
    • Improved nutrition in some countries is being more than offset by a decline in others.
    • The educational costs were offset by reduced payroll costs, so there was a pay-back in less than six months.
    • The decline in the primary sector was to an extent offset by the growth in production in the secondary sector.
    • But part of the profit pressure is offset - at least on the income statement - with nonoperating gains.
    • Correctly practiced martial arts can help offset these conditions or at least minimize their effects.
    • Initially they will accelerate, but they will soon reach a constant terminal velocity when the air resistance around them offsets their downward acceleration.
    • Wi-Fi's strength as a broadband access technology has always been offset by its poor range.
    • The lack of laughter in the auditorium is offset only by our blind hope that there is method in this madness and that an explanation is around the corner.
    • In some instances, any tendency to increase prices may be more than offset by efficiencies resulting from a merger.
    • Previously, acute staff shortages had been partially offset by large amounts of overtime.
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    imprimir en offset



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    offset masculino
    (printing/reproduction) (before noun) en offset