Traducción de offshore en Español:


que sopla de tierra, adj.

Pronunciación /ɒfˈʃɔː//ˌɑfˈʃɔr//ˌɔfˈʃɔr//ˈɒfʃɔː/


  • 1

    (wind) que sopla de tierra
    (wind) terral
  • 2

    (oilfield/pipeline) submarino
    (drilling/exploration) (invariable adjective) off-shore
    (exploration/drilling) costa afuera
    an offshore island una isla costera / del litoral
  • 3

    (funds/account) en el exterior
    (funds/account) (invariable adjective) offshore
    (account/funds) (with tax advantages) en un paraíso fiscal


  • 1

    (blow) de tierra
    (anchor) a cierta distancia de la costa
    • When there are waves, what are the chances that we will get an offshore wind that does not actually blow the waves over?
    • In addition, there are several island groups offshore, notably the Hebrides, Shetland, and Orkney Islands.
    • But a country's landmass often extends far offshore geologically, well beyond its coastline.
    • The building is oriented to the southwest, and vertical arrays of solar panels protect the exterior courtyards from the brunt of offshore wind gusts.
    • If it must be wind then I'd prefer offshore wind far enough from the coastline that it is not visible from land.
    • Winds blowing offshore push water away from the shore.
    • A strong offshore wind can tear away young ice all the way to the beach, leaving open water even when winter temperatures are low.
    • When these photos were taken the surf was about 12 foot with a slight offshore breeze.
    • Here the land slopes down to the sea, forming complicated estuaries with the towering mountains of Achill Island just offshore.
    • Bluehead wrasses live in tropical waters, often around coral reefs, as well as offshore reefs.
    • Indeed, one of the province's main tourism attractions is the popular offshore snorkeling on Bunaken islands.
    • The spray from the offshore wind was blowing over the backside.
    • As long as Aboriginal people have been living near the Great Barrier Reef, they have traveled to offshore islands and reefs.
    • People in the area at the time of the tragedy said an offshore wind had blown the inflatable away from the shore.
    • The swell built to 10 foot faces, and an offshore wind held up the waves, creating perfect conditions for getting barreled.
    • They can be taken quickly out from the beach in offshore wind and tidal conditions.
    • Horrified onlookers could only watch, as an offshore wind blew their flimsy dinghy vessel, into deeper water.
    • If only they had chosen Golden Island five miles offshore it could all have been so different.
    • As all land was already owned, there was no room for an expanding population, so new islands were established on sandbars a short distance offshore, where the air was cool and mosquito-free.
    • High offshore winds in the Coromandel area and plentiful mackerel near the coast may have been factors in that stranding, she was quoted as saying.
    • A 19-year-old friend of the family swam out to bring back the inflatable boat but struggled against the strong offshore breeze.
    • Today, hotels are still scarce, but as many as 30 or 40 live-aboard boats are often moored offshore.
    • When you are 50 miles offshore and the electronics fail you can be killed.
    • Coastal currents, onshore and offshore winds, reefs, bays and the shape of the shoreline are some of the things sailors have to deal with in this zone.
    • A couple of miles offshore is Pigeon Island, breeding ground for the Blue Rock Pigeon.
    • A little island offshore houses monks and seals.
    • Denmark has the world's two largest offshore wind parks and generates an estimated 15 percent of its power from wind turbines.
    • The offshore wind catches the sail on which the main sheet appears to be cleated, and the boat capsizes across the shore.
    • The surf was 4-5ft throughout the event, with light offshore winds on the final day.
    • Over the past week or so the fishing has remained very good out off the south end of Bowen Island, but anglers are finding the fish quite a distance offshore.
    • Britain has the best untapped offshore wind resources in Europe - enough to meet its energy needs three times over.
    • On the strip between the ocean and coastal mountains, offshore winds carry moisture-laden air which is dumped onto the land.
    • ‘It was warm with a wave height of around 1 to 1.5 metres and offshore winds that held the face of the wave up,’ he said.
    • At last, with the sun at their backs and a brisk offshore breeze speeding them along, their journey across the equatorial Atlantic had begun.
    • When we moved the boat closer, I could see the swell was really up with offshore winds.
    • She was discovered two miles offshore, despite dense fog, by a surprised fisherman.
    • We could be gone by the morning to some calypso coast - an island offshore where even the waves are dancing and where the fish most surely will be leaping.
    • Two Weddell seals lay on the beach and a leopard seal lurked just offshore.
    • Aid agencies say the loss of 3,300 fishing trawlers, which also doubled as transport for tourists visiting offshore islands, affects tens of thousands of families.
    • The developers have also built 300 islands, 4km offshore, in the shape of a map of the world.