Traducción de offspring en Español:


cría, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɒfsprɪŋ//ˈɔfˌsprɪŋ//ˈɑfˌsprɪŋ/


  • 1

    cría femenino
    • Many species of animals gather in groups to rest or raise their offspring.
    • After that, she lived alone in the woods, surrounded by the offspring of her cream-colored cat.
    • The young bird is the offspring of the well-known pair of black eagles that nests in the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden.
    • Until the bird learns the tricky task of catching its own fish, the adult birds will continue to deliver food to their offspring.
    • Even animals chastise their offspring with a little nip of pain to teach them to behave.
    • The offspring of control animals were kept under the same conditions.
    • Soon a little coop was constructed in the back garden and the duck and her eight offspring were installed in their new home.
    • Researchers not too long ago successfully bred the offspring of two ‘species’ of Galapagos finches.
    • In Kekexili, he encountered large groups of female antelopes with their offspring.
    • When the mouse bred with a normal female, his offspring retained the ability to fight off cancer.
    • Much of that outlay can be recouped by selling the offspring of the bird to other breeders at, say, £5,000 a bird.
    • Those calves include the offspring of the cow that tested positive for the disease.
    • When fully grown up, the offspring of birds and animals abandon their parents, and carve out a world of their own.
    • The ‘isolated’ case of one cow has become the case of the cow and her two offspring.
    • Bird watchers will also be able to see the adult male teach his offspring how to snatch fish from the lake over the next few weeks.
    • Packs are typically composed of an alpha pair and their offspring, including young of previous years.
    • European boars interbred with the Polynesians' small pigs, and the offspring ran wild.
    • The first offspring of the animal is passed on to a neighbouring poor family, so that the benefit is multiplied each year.
    • It is the offspring of the onion fly, which sometimes flits about among the young onions at this season.
    • However, the real way to make money in Wildlife Park is to get your animals to mate and then sell the offspring.
  • 2humorístico

    (child) hijo masculino
    (child) hija femenino
    (child) crío masculino coloquial
    (child) cría femenino coloquial
    (child) vástago masculino literario humorístico
    (children) prole femenino coloquial humorístico
    (children) críos masculino coloquial
    • In all cases, the parents revealed their offspring were kicking a ball, handling a racquet or racing about before their fifth birthday.
    • The best solution on offer rests solely with the parents, as their offspring are a reflection of them.
    • Jim warned him prior to introducing him to Hannah that the youngest Dawson offspring is a charmer.
    • Indeed, 100 years of germ theory has spawned impressive germ-fighting offspring.
    • True, he had expected me - more than any of his other offspring - to become the politician of the family.
    • Parents expect too much from their offspring and the children are unable to meet it.
    • Admittedly, for its target audience of parents and accompanying offspring this is a safe bet.
    • They play the offspring of two warring criminal families who join forces to try and bring peace to the neighbourhood.
    • Many parents also introduce limited alcohol at home when their offspring are young, on the grounds that they must learn how to handle the substance.
    • Parents have a special seating area from where they can keep a close eye on their offspring as the children burn off some excess energy.
    • Leaving a small child at day care can be a traumatic experience for both the parents and their offspring.
    • However, to avoid paying strangers to look after their offspring, should parents be forced to ask such a task of their own parents?
    • It could be argued that parents subsidising their offspring's first house purchase is not necessarily a good thing.
    • Parents let their offspring roam the streets quite happily, not knowing what they are up to.
    • Humourless and heavy-hearted love only produces hate as its offspring.
    • Many parents moan about their offspring rising at the crack of dawn.
    • Many parents have pulled their offspring out of school altogether, worried about the chaos on the streets.
    • When parents accuse their offspring of treating the place like a hotel they are usually quite accurate.
    • When my offspring were tiny, it was the thing that made it so you could tell which of their drawings was of me.
    • Although it may deeply embarrass their teenage offspring, parents love to record family outings and special occasions for posterity.
    • Grandparents, particularly grandmothers, cared for the offspring of married sons or daughters.
    • A traditional craft, it is passed on from parents to their offspring.