Traducción de offstage en Español:


de entre bastidores, adj.

Pronunciación /ɒfˈsteɪdʒ//ˌɑfˈsteɪdʒ//ˌɔfˈsteɪdʒ/


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    de entre bastidores
    de fuera del escenario
    • There is also something sterile about a show that is all men and not even an offstage woman.
    • Gracious and soft-spoken in interviews, Cave's offstage persona is the opposite of his electrifying stage self.
    • Even when she was not present on the stage, the chilling scream, which came from offstage, reminded the audience of her.
    • Stars of the musical theatre (of which I am one) channel their offstage misery into on stage triumph.
    • And worse, he resolves his crisis mostly offstage during the opening scenes of the second act.
    • But this is a play where you feel the really big issue is the one that is happening offstage.
    • Stella goes offstage onto the porch as Blanche comes onstage out of the bathroom, and sees Stanley alone.
    • You can talk to someone on set from offstage or cue an actor who forgot his lines.
    • It is also the third current play in which an offstage dog is loudly audible.
    • He stood silently in the middle of the stage, unable to speak or even to walk offstage.
    • There is little offstage divide, as the actors are mostly in view and chat with the audience during the interval, and before and after the show.
    • These two characters have, one feels, an offstage life during which they rely on each other's support for the next vicissitude that is to befall them.
    • I only wish he would not throw away the line about whose yacht is anchored just offstage.
    • They are a beautiful couple on stage as well as offstage.
    • And what about the glimpses we're provided of the actors' offstage lives?
    • Her offstage screech sends shivers down the spine long before she actually appears, and when she appears she devastates.
    • Verna keeps busy offstage as a film producer, her credits including the 2003 hit Saved By The Belles.
    • For the dream sequences, the four hang from bars offstage and balance pillows under their spotlit heads so they seem to be horizontal.
    • In other words, if you could overcome it onstage, couldn't you overcome it offstage?
    • He says their offstage relationship bears an uncanny similarity to their roles in the play.


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    fuera del escenario