Traducción de oil platform en Español:

oil platform

plataforma petrolífera, n.


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    plataforma petrolífera femenino
    • We got hit and then made our way swimming under water to the oil platform.
    • The money was raised by workers on the Piper oil platform in the North Sea to buy presents for needy children.
    • In the 1970s, some prickly US libertarians set up a republic on an oil platform near Tonga.
    • But if what you can see of an oil platform is impressive, what's below the surface is equally dramatic.
    • It pulled a similar stunt by boarding this redundant oil platform en route round Scotland to be sunk in deeper water in the north Atlantic.
    • Britain's deadliest oil-related disaster was the 1988 explosion and fire on the North Sea oil platform Piper Alpha, which killed 167 workers.
    • Fabricating an oil platform takes energy, but for this you'd get a lot of energy out of the ground.
    • She said her job there, serving food to US troops, was more promising than her previous occupation, cooking on an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • A sea police unit from West Java Police has arrested four people suspected to have stolen equipment from an offshore oil platform in north Java coastal waters.
    • Whilst at the Natural Environmental Research Centre, his previous job, he advocated the deep-sea dumping of Shell's Brent Spar oil platform.
    • Ferguson knows that even if he decides to become a hermit on some oil platform in the North Sea for the rest of his life, his place in footballing history is secure.
    • The oil, approximately 560 gallons, was discovered by the crew of a nearby oil platform who were returning to the platform after being evacuated for Tropical Storm Arlene.
    • Moving south to Fort Lauderdale, a classic site is the Tennaco Towers, an oil platform that was sunk in three sections.
    • The world's biggest oil platform, known as P - 36, sinks off the coast of Brazil after a series of gas explosions rendered it inoperable.
    • I have responsibility for the safety and technical integrity of an oil platform.
    • The oil platform weighed 31.4 tons and had a height of 40 stories.
    • More than 100 workers were evacuated from a North Sea oil platform last night because of a gas leak.
    • The Iraqi oil platform in the north is called the Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal while the one in the south is called the Al Basrah Oil Terminal.
    • The world's largest offshore oil platform is still on an unsteady angle in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • An interim report into a gas leak on a North Sea oil platform which killed two workers was condemned by a union yesterday for apparently blaming the men for the tragedy.