Traducción de oil slick en Español:

oil slick

marea negra, n.


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    marea negra femenino
    mancha de petróleo femenino
    • The oil slick contaminated about three kilometres of waterway killing about 150 sticklebacks - small fish renowned for being tolerant to pollution - a seagull and a duck.
    • Rescue teams also temporarily relocated 20,000 additional penguins from an island in the oil slick's path.
    • Around Pramuka and Panggang islets, an oil slick with a radius of 50 meters was observed.
    • Westport Town Council has not ruled out the possibility of legal action as a result of an oil slick, which adversely affected the Carrowbeg River recently.
    • The Environment Agency took urgent action recently, to clean up an oil slick on the Duke of Northumberland's River, in Isleworth.
    • As far as I could see, the oil slick was no longer there.
    • The men on OPV also demonstrated a ‘pollution response exercise’, by spraying chemicals to contain an imaginary oil slick.
    • Four miles from Kilkeel off the coast of County Down in Northern Ireland, there is a fresh oil slick on the water.
    • An oil slick was seen in the mouth of Carlingford Lough and the search concentrated in this area for a while, but nothing was found.
    • Animal welfare experts were last night cleaning about 200 swans rescued from an oil slick in a city centre marina.
    • The search for the family, which had concentrated on an oil slick off the coast of Northern Ireland, was abandoned yesterday afternoon after only floating timber was found in the area.
    • Three months later, a Coast Guard helicopter on patrol noticed an oil slick around the vessel and swung into action to contain the pollution.
    • Aside from a few small sections of wood and an oil slick, there was no sign of the boat, or anything resembling the relaxing night they had just enjoyed.
    • If the oil slick isn't too thin, and if it's contained with a fire-resistant boom, workers can set it on fire.
    • A rescue operation was launched to save wildlife after an oil slick contaminated part of the Manchester ship canal.
    • At approximately two o'clock in the afternoon the PSC fishermen and their boat captain noticed a large amount of debris and an oil slick in the waters where they were fishing.
    • The wreck was found four miles off Little Ross Island 14 metre under water near Little Ross Lighthouse after a small oil slick was spotted.
    • I now know I was found floating face down in an oil slick.
    • Just when it looked like it might be safe to go back in the water, an oil slick washed up on the beach.
    • Search teams last night reported finding an oil slick and the coastguard said a pair of shoes and an anorak were found in the water.