Traducción de old-line en Español:


tradicional, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈoʊldˌlaɪn/



  • 1

    (before noun) tradicional
    (supporter) tradicionalista
    (supporter) de la vieja guardia
    • He learned a kind of leadership that eventually toppled centuries of Chinese tradition - the equivalent of overthrowing the status quo that reigns in most old-line organizations.
    • The vote was supported by a coalition of old-line communists who disliked his free-market reforms, and by corrupt oligarchs who feared they might lose their place at the trough.
    • The president is an embarrassment to many old-line conservatives, especially non - evangelical Christians.
    • The communists ruled Mongolia from 1921 to 1990 as an old-line Stalinist party.
    • He was a lukewarm supporter of the war, a voice of the old-line Republican foreign policy establishment.
    • While old-line politicians and businessmen struggle to catch up to the times, a new society is emerging - individual by individual
    • Ambitious, brilliant entrepreneurs revolting against the old-line, hierarchical, East Coast work culture defined the Valley's earliest days.
    • Activists in the party's established interest groups began, however grudgingly, to see the DLC's point; now, even many old-line liberals agreed, we were sick to death of losing, and we just had to do whatever it took to win.
    • Development of chemical weapons was restrained in the 1920s by public outrage on moral grounds as well as protests from old-line army leaders on the basis of tradition and ineffectiveness.
    • The Roh administration, in many ways a departure from the nation's political legacy, is bound to be a magnet for clashes with the old-line politicians who dominate both the ruling and opposition parties.
    • Mr. Bond, a campaign operative for more than a decade, recalls getting a letter from him as old-line supporters were getting restless about the lack of planning for the 1992 race.
    • Though old-line, hard-line feminism has little appeal for today's women, its ideology lives on in law and policy - like light rays from a dead star.
    • The old-line media, like its Boomer components, got old, and like the Boomers, it preferred self-congratulation to self-reflection.
    • But old-line feminism still has a tin ear for listening to women with children, as evidenced by their main solution to the problem of combining work and family life: the socialization of child care.
    • There were those among them who sought to reconstitute old-line moderate Republicanism, imagining that the defeat of Goldwater demonstrated that they had to be more like Democrats in order to get elected.
    • This movement is important because it shows that radical criticism is turning in a new direction that has nothing to do with old-line progressivism; but it is so extreme that it has not had any practical effect.
    • Both old-line liberals and conservatives will object strongly to many of his claims, and few who are seriously interested in the problems he confronts will be entirely comfortable with what he says.
    • Gorbachev's decision not to intervene in Eastern Europe was no doubt motivated by the hope that conservative, old-line leaderships would be replaced by communist reformers who could act flexibly enough to keep the system intact.
    • There's no question that he is among the last, if not the last, of his genre of old-line, hard-line Marxist-Leninist leaders.
    • The answer, then, must lie in Wal-Mart's preference for old-line communist-dominated unions in authoritarian communist states over any other kinds of unions anywhere else.
    • And even the old-line, skeptical faculty can accommodate such ambitions, tempted by the promise of added status and goaded by self-doubt about the value of their own careers.