Traducción de old lady en Español:

old lady



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    my/his old lady (wife) mi/su señora
    • Dru World Order is the ideal soundtrack for sipping Cristal, polishing your diamonds or making sweet love to your old lady.
    • It took him weeks, if not months, to do it, and why should I forgive him for brutalizing this sweet, dear, old lady?
    • How would they feel if that old lady was their grandmother?
    • No longer the little girl, she's become a really interestingly deluded old lady.
    • JM found one old lady stacking a few cut limes, flowers, and incense by the side of the lift door.
    • She suddenly recognised the old lady as Sapna's mother.
    • A ninety-four year old lady from Ballina asked her neighbour to ring me and ask what she could do for the appeal.
    • Denis called his fiancée ‘my old lady’.
    • From wheelchair bound little old lady to escapee, that was my Grandma.
    • Why is it that the words ‘selecting a poison’ sound so ominous coming from a sweet little old lady?
    • A frail, headscarved old lady halted the marchers and passed out home-baked cakes.
    • Attitude is everything in her situation and if she starts thinking of herself as some dottery little old lady we are in trouble.
    • Ada and another old lady are sitting on the ground under the mango tree.
    • My social conscience prevented me from abandoning it in the produce section where some little old lady would be blocked off from the lemons.
    • She was a lovely, motherly old lady with a mane of white hair wound into a compact bun.
    • I crash into some old lady in a flowery rubber bathing cap.
    • I talked to one old lady who had all her windows smashed four times to encourage her to leave.
    • Despite the rest of the family wanting this old lady interned in a hospital or hospice, my mother is of the old school.
    • And when you see it, if there's some old lady sitting next to you, don't laugh.
    • I speeded up my walk and rushed by, and fortunately he was too busy harrying a fierce little old lady to notice me.
    • Next we have his wife, the little old lady, sari and sneaker-sporting.
    • Then this old lady said, ‘If he comes at me again I'm going to kill him!’