Traducción de ominous en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɒmɪnəs//ˈɑmənəs/


  • 1

    there was an ominous silence se hizo un silencio que no presagiaba / no auguraba nada bueno
    • that's ominous eso es de mal agüero / es un mal augurio
    • there are some ominous clouds on the horizon hay nubes que no auguran / no presagian nada bueno
    • Not only are they threatened by the ominous arrival, they have no idea who he is, or what he shall look like.
    • An ominous little black pig fills a corner in The Maids, a premonition of the murders to come.
    • In recent times however, the label could be associated with an even more ominous threat.
    • She looked away, to the dark and ominous wall hangings, feeling useless and sick.
    • His dark, ominous eyes bore testament to the fact that he was dangerous.
    • Silent gulls on the wing are ominous, somehow, and not a little threatening.
    • On this perspective, the week from hell was less a passing squall than an ominous darkening of the clouds.
    • Western explorers construed the presence of wolves as an ominous portent.
    • The sun had long since risen, not that you could tell it from the ominous clouds outside.
    • There was a flash of sudden pain before the blue sky turned an ominous dark black.
    • Next morning Ian wakes up to discover his leg has turned an ominous shade of black.
    • The sun had begun to set, making the sky and clouds a strangely ominous pinkish hue.
    • The storm is just about to break, there's an ominous black cloud over Sheffield.
    • Her eyes became dark and ominous as she said this and the clouds began to gather in the once bright blue sky.
    • Outside, dark, ominous thunder clouds gathered as rain began to pelt down on top of her car.
    • The figure frightened her, an ominous thing of black with pointed ears and dark green skin.
    • No more rain, a slight breeze now and again, but the sky remains dark and ominous.
    • There are no silver linings in these clouds, only ominous sounds of rumbling thunder.
    • Then my name was called and I made my way quickly up the steps and onto the ominous black stage.
    • A forest lies to the south, darker and more ominous, but just as green and full of life.