Traducción de one-horse en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈwənˌhɔrs/


  • 1despectivo

    a one-horse town un pueblucho despectivo
    • some little one-horse operation una operación de poca monta
    • These required only a man and a horse to operate, but brought about an overall increase in the amount of rolling stock. By 1890 nearly half of the Metropolitan Street Railway's cars were one-horse open cars, suitable only for summer.
    • Grandma Abbey needed a doctor again, and after an anxious wait, he arrived, hitched his one-horse shay to the front-yard post and entered the house where he put his travel-worn black bag on the kitchen table.
    • One pair of heavy draught animals with a heavy truck could pull as much as four one-horse drays.
    • In 1848 American Agriculturist praised new wagons light enough to be pulled by only two horses. By the 1860s one-horse wagons were available.
    • So it was done and they were on their way back to the little cottage in the one-horse cart.
    • The brougham, a one-horse closed carriage, with two or four wheels, is named after him.
    • Four hundredweight in a one-horse cart was low in comparison with the weights carried by scheduled carriers but it is a plausible average to use for traffic on the rural roads of Cheshire.
    • A one-horse cart could carry much more than a packhorse but travelled more slowly.
    • In those postwar years, vehicles evolved from plantation wagons drawn by oxen or mules to what Ball called ‘Northern horse wagons,’ then to one-horse and two-horse buggies.
    • On the inside, it looked as if the shed was used for a one-horse pen.
    • It looks like a lovely one-horse open ice sleigh, dashing through the snow.
    • Racing Hall of Fame jockey Eddie D, injured Friday in a one-horse spill at Del Mar, will be out of action for the remainder of the Del Mar meeting.
    • With the royal stables under siege near the Château d' Eau, the royal family escaped the Tuileries in three one-horse carriages.
    • Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!
    • The 40-year-old conditioner started training in 1991 with a one-horse stable.
    • Suddenly a one-horse sleigh came running toward Mitsuko and Hideo.
  • 2coloquial

    it was a one-horse race el resultado estaba cantado coloquial