Traducción de one-night stand en Español:

one-night stand

función única, n.

Pronunciación /ˈˌwən ˌnaɪt ˈstænd///


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    Música Teatro
    función única femenino
    • After about 1906, the touring companies with their one-night stands declined precipitously.
    • It is on this day in their sprawling New London summer cottage that father James bemoans the poverty that made him a miser and had him abandon a career as a Shakespearean actor for more lucrative one-night stands in The Count of Monte Cristo.
    • However, lest anyone think all this will prompt the choreographer to rest on a divan and munch a boxful of bonbons, Morris emphasizes that he still leads his troupe on the road for half the year, sometimes on one-night stands, to survive.
    • The first and last belong to Frank Hardy, a travelling healer who, after slogging through one-night stands in Wales and Scotland, returns to his native Ireland in the hope of restoring his ailing powers.
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    (sexual encounter)
    ligue de una noche masculino coloquial
    programa de una noche masculino coloquial
    • At night, he went to preppy bars and had one-night stands with what he calls ‘abrasive, hard-drinking party girls.’
    • Adults were here to find a lifetime lover or a one-night stand.
    • One bunch of 10 friends bid $10,000 for a date with the Irishman, while another woman doubled the bid for her own one-night stand..
    • It was the first time I was getting this serious in a relationship, you know my life was full of one-night stands.
    • She wouldn't go for a boy randomly and with her it won't just be a one-night stand - it'll turn into a relationship.
    • Similar blocks have been placed on book publications, including anything to do with one-night stands and extra-marital affairs.
    • Anna told Tony that he was the best one-night stand ever, but Tony protested that they could carry on a long distance relationship and has already called her a couple of times at work today.
    • She added that she came to realize that a relationship should be based on more than just a drunken one-night stand.
    • Now, I know in this blog I have talked about how much I would like a relationship, as opposed to a meaningless one-night stand.
    • There are a number of health and physical risks involved when one engages in one-night stands, affairs, or simply a sequence of dating relationships in search of Mr. or Mrs. Right.
    • Don Giovanni has serial one-night stands with women, but his only close relationship is with his serving man Leporello.
    • It is, the author contends, not meant to help you realize a one-night stand but instead to develop a more meaningful and intimate relationship with your chosen partner.
    • The story of a man who leads a double life: a respectable geography teacher by day; by night, hanging out in gay bars, looking for a longterm relationship, but usually encountering only one-night stands.
    • He's the type for one-night stands, not relationships.
    • A hundred one-night stands cannot stand up to one night with Andrew.
    • Perry brought home a variety of one-night stands, and Marin had had the unfortunate experience of running into them quite often sneaking out in the mornings.
    • You're obviously not the type of woman to go out and have one-night stands.
    • You made me feel like nothing more than one of your one-night stands, a feeling I didn't deserve.
    • Ben Clost is Dee's one-night stand, whose relationship with his mother is disturbing and comic.
    • At that moment she felt like what was the point of acting like a girlfriend when the so-called boyfriend is acting like a one-night stand.
    • I've had one-night stands that were great for the sexual release.
    • Frankly, one-night stands make me feel like totally trashy.
    • It is obvious, I think, that I am looking for a life partner, not just a good time. It's amazing to me how many women turn out to be more frightened of a guy like me than with a one-night stand type, but I see it all the time.
    • Women's behaviour in cases of misattributed paternity clearly suggests that the man they hope is the biological, and want to be the social, father of their child is their partner, not their ex, one-night stand or even lover.
    • Right now, because of my age, it's hard to find a lover or even a one-night stand.
    • All through law school I was committed to weeklong relationships with cute chicks and one-night stands.
    • If your goal is really a series of one-night stands (which are hugely overrated) then you've just got to be more honest.
    • I remember two one-night stands while I was in the middle of my first divorce.
    • She refused to marry him, and according to one friend, ‘he had casual relationships, heavy relationships, one-night stands, one-week stands’.
    • I am not talking about one-night stands or taking advantage of anyone, just good old dating.
    • Who needs a boyfriend or even a one-night stand?
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    (sexual partner)
    conquista de una noche femenino
    ligue de una noche masculino coloquial
    programa de una noche masculino Río de la Plata coloquial
    pinche de una noche masculino Chile