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Pronunciación /ˈwən ˈˌstɑp///


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    one-stop banking servicios bancarios integrados masculino
    • one-stop shopping centro único de compras
    • All local government services are to be housed in a new one-stop shop facility which will open its doors next week.
    • It wants to see the building turned into a business centre, with broadband provision, or perhaps a one-stop shop for council services.
    • It also makes us a one-stop shop that can service all our customers' needs.
    • The Internet is becoming the one-stop shop for virtually everything.
    • The custom built dealership served as a one-stop shop for motorists.
    • It will be used as a one-stop shop for information on municipal services.
    • One official last night described the new agency as a potential one-stop shop for government agencies seeking funds.
    • A one-stop shop for products, services, fashion and styling, with professional help.
    • Ambitious plans for a one-stop shop transforming customer access to York council services have been stalled amid rising cost fears.
    • The new service is designed to be a one-stop shop of expert advice on all aspects of the music business connecting musicians and music fans to those in the know.
    • The €3m internet site was meant to act as a one-stop shop for information on the health services.
    • The plan is now on sale priced £10 at First Point, Sheffield's one-stop shop for all council services.
    • They were supposed to be one-stop shops wherein with all sorts of civic services could be provided.
    • And while comprehensive, the new site is more a starting point than a one-stop shop.
    • Visitors to the Three Peaks area of the Yorkshire Dales are being offered a new one-stop shop service to help them make the most of their holiday.
    • The company claims to provide a one-stop shop service and counts BASF and Roche among its clients.
    • The new, one-stop shop will, I believe, be much better for the complaints system than the one we presently have.
    • Craven District Council has mooted the idea of creating a one-stop shop for council services as part of the Renaissance Town project.
    • It aims to be a one-stop shop for advice on the music business, connecting musicians to those in the know.
    • For parents, it will mean more of a one-stop shop instead of dealing with a range of people.