Traducción de one-upmanship en Español:


Pronunciación /wənˈəpmənˌʃɪp//wʌnˈʌpmənʃɪp/



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    arte de colocarse siempre en una situación de superioridad con respecto a los demás
    owning a yacht was his idea of one-upmanship le parecía que tener un yate era la forma de matarles el punto a los demás Cono Sur coloquial
    • It seems they only care about playing political one-upmanship at our expense.
    • He had superiority, in a sense, one-upmanship.
    • Who knows, we may have someone whose interests lie not in party political bickering, nor one-upmanship, not wrong-footing the other party, but in Bedford.
    • For all the intricacies of the spat, it smacks of political one-upmanship, petty power play and a healthy dose of ego juice.
    • Only the few scenes of parental one-upmanship have any comic spark.
    • Constantly changing your ringtone combines several pubescent obsessions at once: pop music, computer technology and playground one-upmanship.
    • In the end, the nation suffers on the scaffold of political games and one-upmanship.
    • In an age of parental one-upmanship, when each party has to be bigger and better than the last, arranged parties are becoming the done thing.
    • However, the political-battle of one-upmanship did not end here.
    • You couldn't help but look forward with anticipation to the many quality, innovative ads in the annual contest of one-upmanship among advertisers.
    • Each time a council meeting is cancelled or postponed because of political manoeuvring and one-upmanship, the real business of the municipality suffers.
    • While Stammberger's creativity was fabulous, mixed with his aesthetic and playful spirit was no small amount of self promotion and one-upmanship.
    • She's the one woman who can beat him at his own game of sexual one-upmanship.
    • It would have been a simple matter to pilfer their tawdry Christmas illuminations in order to gain one-upmanship this year.
    • It is pathetic though to see the TN government indulge in one-upmanship with political rivals over the elimination of Veerappan.
    • The current frenzy seems more like political one-upmanship among governments than sound policy.
    • While many may find the author's above comments relevant to the issue at hand, branding products as a method of securing their computer strikes me as one-upmanship.
    • It is about selling television rights, team sponsorship and looking for one-upmanship in contracts.
    • The vanity, selfishness and one-upmanship that typified governmental culture in the eighties was exemplified by the narcissism implicit in the leisure complex.
    • It is a biting comment on the more consequential games of political one-upmanship played by these two nuclear states.