Traducción de onion set en Español:

onion set

cebollitas usadas como simiente, n.


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    cebollitas usadas como simiente
    • On Sunday afternoon I planted about 400 Sturon onion sets in the big bed beside our garage.
    • Shallots should be planted less deeply than the others - with their tops just under or level with the soil line, like spring-planted onion sets.
    • It is a good time now to prepare the ground for that early crop of cabbage or onion sets which if sown early give such a good return.
    • They were planted from red onion sets destined to develop large bulbs.
    • Buy onion sets (small bulbs) from your favorite garden center or catalog, then as soon as you can work the soil, push them about an inch into the soil, pointy end up.
    • Almost all onion sets come in bags of 100, which is problematic if you don't have much space.
    • As the ground becomes warmer and more workable, plant out onion sets and shallots in the vegetable plot.
    • A quick wander around the garden saw the onion sets sprouting strongly, the broad beans and early peas (Douce Provence & Pilot) pushing through the soil, and the spring onions sprouting.
    • The cold frame is still in pieces, the broccoli plant is well-protected from animal attack and my onion sets and garlic are in.
    • Disappointment soon turned to excitement again as I realised the package contained our seed potatoes, shallots and onion sets.
    • You can put out onion sets at this time or try interesting types from seed.
    • After years on our knees to put in onion sets, we came up with a simpler, more accurate method.
    • Shallots are in, as are 800 (yes, eight hundred) onion sets (Jetset).
    • After Maxwell I planted some of the onion sets - two tubs full.
    • They sowed potatoes, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, scallions, onion sets, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and celery.
    • I've found a home for the left-over onion sets, so I'm a happy bunny because they won't go to waste.
    • One year we had onion sets that we neglected, the next year Don ordered ten times as many.
    • I haven't had much energy today, but I've done a couple of things from my garden to-do list this afternoon: I've planted the onion sets (they need to overwinter), the tulips and the snowdrop bulbs.
    • The empty spaces in the bed are covered in black plastic to stop any weed growth, and the whole bed is covered in plastic netting to stop the cats using it as a litter tray and to stop the birds pulling out the onion sets.
    • I've seen onion sets trying to grow the wrong way up, but that's because they've been planted the wrong way up.