Traducción de opalescent en Español:


opalescente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌoʊpəˈlɛs(ə)nt//əʊpəˈlɛs(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (sheen/surface) opalescente
    (blue/green) opalino
    • The light that we shine on the opalescent mixture reflects back in every color, at every scale.
    • One of opalescent glass contains a bathroom; the other, suspended above the sitting room, is the main bedroom, a capsule under a translucent illuminated ceiling.
    • She was a crafter of clay fairies, and beside her camping site was a small wooded patch she decorated with mini Christmas tree lights, opalescent ornaments, and her fairies.
    • At Badgley Mischka, beads were everywhere, from pearls to garnet cat's eye crystals to opalescent moonstones.
    • This sense of a calm veneer hiding seething depths also afflicts the movie's other unearthly surface - the opalescent face and underwater-green eyes of Swinton herself.
    • This colorless, solid cream works to temporarily fill in lines and large pores, and leaves a soft, opalescent finish that feels very silky.
    • In late afternoon the white sand flew in tatters across the dissolving sun, an opalescent filter, the sky radiating throbbing waves of bruised purple, cobalt and amethyst into the slim gray shred of sand making the horizon.
    • They favour tiny miniskirts and opaquely opalescent tights, and have the ice-eyed look of Natashas and Laras who might at the drop of a dollar give a man more trouble than he could conceivably imagine.
    • The pallid double-moons gleamed silver, highlighting some of the leaves, and he could see beams of the opalescent light fall through the breaks in the trees.
    • Robineau used a semiopaque white glaze tinted with copper, which yields greens that range in tone from a pale opalescent turquoise to a stronger green on the cover, stand, and medallions.
    • He had her name put on the sides in big, bold opalescent green, hoping it would reflect like the shimmerings of an imaginary dragon.
    • Or maybe you're doing more of a queen-of the-underworld thing, in which case you'll dig the Persephone design: an earthy-green drop flanked by opalescent beads.
    • With unbounded flair, Tia couples opalescent shades of princess and oyster in the finest cotton with stiff denim to capture the edgy allure of modern London.
    • Both the bowl and the foot of the vase are blown in plate blue transparent glass infused with fragmented bits of silver leaf and random streaks of opalescent glass.
    • I found a pink raw silk jacket with covered buttons, a soft leopard vest and a cream wool shell covered with opalescent sequins and beads.
    • He'll take you to algal forests, sponge gardens and places where huge schools of blue maomao churn the sea into an opalescent whirlpool.
    • This process helps combat the natural bitter flavour of the drink and releases its brilliant opalescent green colour.
    • My opalescent kneecaps are somewhat bruised, and not in a good way.
    • A detailed structural investigation on the nature of such aggregates is well beyond the aim of this work, although we noticed a considerable increase of turbidity of the protein solution that became opalescent.
    • Because of its east location there is a moment in the morning when the window glows with the shining light of rebirth, but because of the reflective qualities of opalescent glass, it also shows up brightly in other lighting conditions.