Traducción de open-minded en Español:


de actitud abierta, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈˌoʊpən ˈˌmaɪndɪd//əʊp(ə)nˈmʌɪndɪd/


  • 1

    (person) de actitud abierta
    (person) sin prejuicios
    (assessment/approach) imparcial
    (approach/assessment) que no parte de ideas preconcebidas
    we have to be more open-minded in our attitudes debemos tener una actitud más abierta
    • He's 16 and may be a late developer, but I am open-minded and prepared to accept he might be gay.
    • He must come in open-minded with the acceptance that persons will put forward tough questions.
    • I think it all comes down to how open-minded and accepting your parents - or anyone else for that matter - are.
    • Alan travels a lot, is very open-minded and had firm ideas about what direction he wanted the project to go.
    • I have always thought of myself as open-minded about my kids' preferences.
    • There has been much talk about the need to be open-minded in finding solutions to Scotland's population decline.
    • Only when all go to non-faith schools have we any chance of getting a tolerant and open-minded generation.
    • If you want to come across as unbiased and open-minded, I suggest you try a little harder to express it with your choice of words.
    • Little wonder then, that we are tolerant and open-minded, and accepting of diverse viewpoints.
    • Success comes easily to you because you are open-minded to others and have no problem coming up with ideas of your own.
    • And they are very open-minded, prepared to consider anything, wholly without prejudice.
    • He's incredibly supportive of what I'm doing and open-minded about everything.
    • So he tries to make up for his shyness by being as open-minded as possible and accepting people for who they are.
    • You need to learn to be more open-minded and accepting of what life has to bring.
    • The school aims to turn out graceful, intelligent and open-minded young women of ability and integrity.
    • So why the reluctance on the part of so many otherwise open-minded and sexually liberal people to attend?
    • Is this a price we're willing to pay just to appear tolerant and open-minded?
    • The football club has said it is open-minded about where it will look next and might even consider Coate.
    • Don't we take great pride in our city for being open-minded, socially liberal and happily louche?
    • It may also create a more tolerant and open-minded society that values human rights.