Traducción de open primary en Español:

open primary

elecciones primarias abiertas, n.


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    (in US)
    elecciones primarias abiertas femenino
    • California may have 135 candidates, but Louisiana's got 18, none of them a clear frontrunner, and they're campaigning in a unique format - the open primary.
    • Thanks to California's open primary, everyone gets to vote in one party's primary if they want to, even non-affiliated voters like me.
    • Unfortunately, the influence of the Right may work to discourage mainstream Republicans from trying to reverse the tendency toward open primaries.
    • Others are the so-called primaries: closed primaries, open primaries and blanket primaries.
    • The book could also benefit from a broader investigation of additional primary states considering the movement toward more regional primaries and the increasing significance of open primaries in 2000.
    • What's more, I have mixed feelings about open primaries anyway.
    • Rodriguez stoked Republican strategists' hopes with his performance in the March 7 open primary.
    • They then scuttled an attempt at a true open primary where voters could cross party lines to vote for the best person, and not the best party person.
    • And it depends on whether it's an open primary or a closed primary.
    • There are no open primaries for New York Supreme Court judgeships.
    • He'd win the open primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina a week later and, with the new cluster of front-loaded primaries, face a quick succession of open-primary states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona.
    • Now, the California ballot is interesting because there's also an open primary in California, where anyone can vote for anybody.
    • Wisconsin is an open primary, Independents and even Republicans, if they choose, can participate.
    • My next quest when I have some more time on the Internet is to try to find out which states have open primaries that let Independents vote and/or members of the opposing party vote.
    • The thing that worries me about what's happened in Michigan just recently with some of these open primaries is that at least half of the voters were either Democrats or independent.
    • But there is virtue in the long run of party and open primaries before the presidential candidates are chosen.