Traducción de open sandwich en Español:

open sandwich

sándwich sin tapa, n.


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    sándwich sin tapa masculino
    • Their menu offers a host of wholesome dishes, delicious homemade soups, open sandwiches on fresh home-baked bread, ciabattas, wraps and tempting salads.
    • If you're being pedantic, I suppose this makes it more of an open sandwich, but in my book the mozzarella and pepperoni qualify it as pizza.
    • Come New Year's Eve we had an 8ft high stack of ‘tinnies’ in the back porch and a table groaning under the weight of mini sausage rolls, open sandwiches and vol-au-vents.
    • Something basic, like soup and a salad, or an open sandwich.
    • Lunch at a work place, school, or institution is either homemade or available in kitchens or canteens, offering open sandwiches, hot meals, or a buffet table.
    • Having neglected to pack more than a little fruit, we were delighted to discover the Auenfeld Alm, where we ate open sandwiches and delicious apricot cake.
    • The open sandwiches of the day, all at £5.45, sounded appetising.
    • Studying the ascent of man makes me feel I'm a poor representative of all that hard work by my predecessors, since I'm uncertain, indecisive, cowardly, and poor at solving problems like how to open sandwich packs in service stations.
    • From the list of open sandwiches, Ann chose a prawn special on brown bread.
    • In Denmark fish is eaten mainly as part of a hot meal, in an open sandwich, or cold in a green salad or pasta salad.
    • It's American style and the huge, open sandwiches and prize winning burgers are certainly to be recommended.
    • Penny herself made some lovely open sandwiches with local mascarpone and figs, contrasted by some prosciutto from a little bit further afield.
    • At lunch-time, we cruised into a sparkling bay of crystal water, and with the sun warming our backs, we ate open sandwiches, and downed Swedish beer.
    • They present a new menu that offers hot and cold dishes made from locally grown seasonal produce, as well as exotic open sandwiches, home-made soups, salads, fresh baked breads, croissants, and mouth watering desserts.
    • They ended up by eating their order as open sandwiches.
    • The menu covers all eventualities, from salads and burgers to open sandwiches, steaks and chicken, as well as grilled and poached salmon.
    • We do everything from open sandwiches to salmon and a carvery.
    • They can be simple open sandwiches with the usual toppings of cheese and chutneys or those with unusual fillings and shapes.
    • With head chef Pauline Dunne, they started their food service with a menu featuring freshly-made open sandwiches and wraps, spicy chicken wings and homemade soups.
    • I have just put up a recipe for Liptauer cheese spread and Hungarian open sandwiches: Something different.