Traducción de open up en Español:

open up

abrir, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(undo, unlock)

      (premises/package/suitcase) abrir
      (vein/wound) abrir

    • 1.2(cut, create)

      (breach/channel) abrir

    • 1.3(make accessible, available)

      (market/possibilities/territory) abrir
      to open sth up to sb/sth abrir algo a algn/algo
      • China has opened itself up to foreigners la China se ha abierto a los extranjeros

    • 1.4(reveal)

      (new horizons) abrir

    • 1.5(set up)

      (store/shop) abrir
      (shop/store) poner

  • 2

    • 2.1(open building)

      open up! police! ¡abran! ¡policía!

    • 2.2(become open)


    • 2.3(become accessible, available)

      to open up to sb/sth abrirse a algn/algo
      • to open up to new ideas abrirse a nuevas ideas
      • new prospects for peace have opened up before us nuevas perspectivas de paz se han abierto ante nosotros

    • 2.4informal (talk freely)

      he opened up to her le abrió su pecho literario
      • he found it difficult to open up to his father le costaba ser abierto / franco con su padre
      • after a few drinks she began to open up tras unas cuantas copas empezó a entrar en confianza

    • 2.5Deporte
      (liven up)

      ponerse bueno

    • 2.6(start up)

      (store/factory/business) abrir

    • 2.7Militar
      (open fire)

      abrir fuego