Traducción de opening en Español:


abertura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəʊp(ə)nɪŋ//ˈoʊp(ə)nɪŋ/


  • 1

    (gap, passage)
    (in hedge) abertura femenino
    (in fence) abertura femenino
    (in fence) brecha femenino
    (in crowd) claro masculino
    (in forest) claro masculino
    • He was just standing there, in the small space at the small opening by my room.
    • The garden will also have two new openings to give greater access to the precinct and act as a walkway between Pickwick Road South and the extended supermarket.
    • After a certain amount of toing and froing with the national park, we agreed on sandstone for the new window openings.
    • I throw myself out the opening and sprint along the min-corridor into the main room again.
    • This was the opening of the secret passage leading to her own room on the third floor.
    • This moist, cool, and heavy air then falls down the shafts and into the living spaces through the door openings at the bottom.
    • She brought Ross in on the project, and he designed the slightly conical space with window openings positioned in relation to astronomical movements.
    • Contractors differ on the methods they use to determine the location of roof and ceiling openings in homes with attics or crawl spaces.
    • He stops and stares, obviously stunned at seeing the opening of the hidden passage.
    • Place windows and openings along the sidewalk.
    • Construction is of rendered rubble walls, with brick features around window and door openings, brick quoins and a pitched slated roof.
    • Just as an opening in traffic came along she was knocked in the shoulder roughly by a passer by.
    • It also plays a crucial symbolic role merely through its function as an opening for the passage of light.
    • At the time, the mill building was an empty shell stripped back to its stone walls and with the window openings blocked over with corrugated iron.
    • It is clad entirely in shiny corrugated metal - even window openings have perforated metal outer skins.
    • The ground floor needs 14 window openings made with sandstone surrounds.
    • Inside a group could gather, it would be comfortable for two and you could see the stars through the round opening in the roof.
    • Original internal features include the kilns, low ceiling heights between floors, steeping tanks and shutter mechanisms for window openings.
    • Think of a fly trying to get out of a window with a narrow opening.
    • Above all, the female body was assumed to be moulded, enclosed: all openings sealed, all passage denied.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (beginning, initial stage) apertura femenino
      (beginning, initial stage) comienzo masculino
      (remarks) (before noun) inicial
      opening price precio inicial masculino
      • the opening scene la primera escena
      • Immediately Ron launched into the opening of ‘This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us’.
      • I remember at school when I was set homework assignments for English and we had to write about a page of writing for openings of horror stories.
      • But everything you pointed out in the opening is exactly what's taking place in the city.
      • This proposition was most overtly put in the arrangement of the opening of The Dawn of Photography.
      • Also, the opening to the story wasn't written by either me or my friend.
      • My old habits took over and I started my usual openings with small talk.
      • The opening and title story makes it very clear that every word counts, and must be weighed for meaning, both obvious and hidden.
      • Good openings might include a story, a camper situation that they might have to deal with, a staff!
      • Its slowburning choppy intro starts like the opening to a Jewish hymn, before the entire band bursts into a kaleidoscopic sound addiction.
      • Let me quote a short part of his guessing-game, prefaced by his usual opening.
      • The morning news speaks of battlefield deaths and capture, reminding us that easy, unopposed openings do not tell the complete story of a war.
      • During the big pauses between each of the short, sobbing phrases at the opening of the Tristan prelude, you could have heard a pin drop.

    • 2.2Juegos

      apertura femenino
      (move/gambit) (before noun) de apertura
      (gambit/move) (before noun) de salida
      • The idea is that one can play this opening without having to memorize a great number of lines.
      • If you are looking for an offbeat new opening, this book may be the answer to your dreams.
      • He also did a credible job of outlining the main ideas of this opening in the introduction.
      • Because this opening is a mainstay in the repertoires of tens of thousands of amateurs.
      • In 2000 I earned an expert's rating by playing aggressive chess openings.

  • 3

    (of exhibition, building) inauguración femenino
    Cine Teatro estreno masculino
    (ceremony) (before noun) inaugural
    (ceremony) (before noun) de inauguración
    (speech) inaugural
    the opening of Parliament la apertura del Parlamento
    • Friday saw the official opening of Co-operative Bulk Handling's facility upgrade at Northampton.
    • Nine staff members celebrated the opening by cutting a ribbon and cracking open a bottle of champagne.
    • A double opening will offer new paintings by Aaron Hill entitled Inheritance.
    • Large crowds were gathered to celebrate the opening of a new sewage plant, another step along the road of reconstruction.
    • Anyway, I agreed to have the work ready for the opening of the Autumn Show in September.
    • Recently a number of people gathered together for a ceremony for the opening of ‘the gate’.
    • The official opening of the centre will be held next September.
    • Those with the stamina could join in the colloquium of sages held every morning or tour the art exhibitions and special openings of historic buildings in half a dozen sites around the city.
    • Minister of State Martin Cullen unveiled a wall plaque in the foyer of the new Employment Centre to mark its official opening.
    • Minister McCreevy said that the opening of the centre would provide an opportunity for the people of Athy to look forward.
    • One of the most lavish official openings in recent times took place last Saturday when the new Golden Meadows Retirement Village was completed and is now available for business.
    • After the ceremonial opening, a hymn should be read from the Guru Granth Sahib.
    • Working with a gallery also provides opportunities for shows, openings, announcements and newspaper or magazine articles.
    • They can't really celebrate the opening of the building without the architect.
    • A dozen talented children from all over the Stratford area are making ready for the opening of a new musical, Alice!
    • A pageant of pupils celebrated their school's history as they welcomed the opening of its new building.
    • The Upper Eden Cycling Club turned out in force to celebrate the opening of the centre and following the ceremony headed off to Hawes for a round cycle route.
    • Children at the Morden school had double cause for celebration with the opening of a building extension on Wednesday.
    • From crips autumn apples to hot Broadway openings, the season offers treats for every taste.
    • The official opening will take place on Tuesday 16 and the library will be open to the public on Thursday 18.
  • 4

    (period when open)
    hours of opening (of bank, office) horario de atención al público masculino
    • [ S ]late opening till 8pm on Thursdays los jueves abierto hasta las 8
    • before noun opening day día de la inauguración
  • 5

    • 5.1(favorable opportunity)

      oportunidad femenino
      I don't want to provide her with an opening to complain no quiero darle pie / oportunidad para que se queje
      • Active travel between life's new stages creates new openings, new chances.
      • But he almost never treats it at face value, preferring to allow interpretive openings into this method of interpretation.
      • Yet the opening to the West offered by the EU could bring huge economic benefits to Iran.
      • Entrepreneurs with an eye for opportunities have seized on openings offered by the JFPM to create their own niche markets in the complex.
      • He had spotted that when Louis threw his left jab, he tended to drop his guard, leaving an opening that might be exploited.
      • Don't close the door on the majority of the openings and career opportunities that are out there.
      • They haven't had many openings that are this opportune for them, and so they're naturally taking it, and you know, one can't blame them, that's politics.
      • It may be an ideal opening for someone who has never had an opportunity to try out for the small screen but would love to find out more.
      • The transitions to democracy and the openings they appeared to offer were another source.
      • You and Gabrielle can see opportunities and openings that we can't, and you're both fast enough to take them.
      • So it's almost like there is an opening, an opportunity, to communicate with the spirit world.
      • Once one learns to become unpredictable, all kinds of openings and opportunities present themselves.
      • Do you get the sense that this newfound attention towards Canadian bands in the States has also offered any openings towards hip-hop artists like yourself?
      • The circulating libraries offered new openings for sales, and the rising success of periodicals provided more work until well into the 20th cent.
      • It is my opinion that Hashem uses every possible opening to allow the world to love Him.
      • As of late she hadn't spoken about Casey; and I haven't offered her an opening to do so.
      • Both these openings offer defense against a German strike into Munich and the easy opportunity to pick up both Iberian supply centers in 1901.
      • The prices being paid for existing businesses and the rents being offered for new openings are in many cases unsustainable.
      • A top forty single would fit the bill nicely, and would offer openings into all kinds of other stuff - most notably magickal stuff.
      • Karl stood and put both hands on the table, realizing Sara had created the opening for his offer.

    • 5.2(job vacancy)

      oportunidad femenino
      vacante femenino
      • There are many good openings available, and relatively few bad ones.
      • Our behind the scenes volunteer staff is pretty full right now, but there is always a chance that an opening will arrive.
      • Local students or students not requiring travel assistance can apply for the Volunteer Program if openings are available.
      • Todd Brun has put together a list of faculty openings and postdoctoral positions available in quantum information processing.
      • The following tips might help bridge the gap IL between available workers and job openings.
      • What jobs seem to have the most openings in your area?
      • Fortunately, an opening became available in the employer's parts department and he was afforded that job.
      • In a nutshell, students can post their resumes on the system and employers can post job openings.
      • Most chains advertise the available openings in newspapers.
      • Yes, there is life even after retirement with plenty of openings in ship building industry and shipping lines.
      • I am writing to enquire for any possible openings in your firm.
      • Chiu said the remaining 7,828 openings are available to young men aged between 18 and 27.
      • When an opening became available on his staff, Foster offered Williams a job as assistant coach.
      • It is the construction industry which has openings for professional and graduate level entrants, from engineers to architects to craft roles, such as building and painting and decorating.
      • The good press, usually driven by the local population, hails new job openings and increased availability of a multitude of products at affordable prices.
      • The site contains listings for job openings that have been posted with the country's federal labour office and are linked to job exchanges.
      • There were no professional openings available to me in Scotland at the time.
      • I'll be looking for new openings eventually, and will start ramping up my freelancing as of today.
      • The cost of a public school and university education was high for middle-class families, and there was increased competition for available openings in the professions.
      • I was hired because those most concerned wanted a vigorous lecturer to fill the available opening.