Traducción de opera house en Español:

opera house

ópera, n.


  • 1

    ópera femenino
    teatro de ópera masculino
    • On the evening news from France 2 the other day, I saw a little piece on the new opera house in Beijing.
    • A landmark cultural building, either a theatre or an opera house, according to Coyne, will act as a focal point for the area.
    • Every city and small town in Germany has an opera house and several other performance venues besides.
    • But until this month, they have given only a single performance together in an opera house.
    • One such marvellous site already exists and as yet nobody has looked at it as a possibility as either a new theatre or even an opera house.
    • So many collaborators had emptied their diaries to be at the opera house for the rehearsal period.
    • The Beijing opera house's pictures and stories will also be part of the Salon of Arts, which will last until June 30.
    • We also had civic buildings, including a courthouse, and as our town was to be a cultural centre there was an opera house and a theatre.
    • This opera house has a great tradition and these colourful touring productions have been lavishly praised.
    • But peasants had made it to centre stage even in the opera house, and operatic verismo would become an established form.
    • It was a European-style city with grand boulevards, classical buildings, a great cathedral and an opera house as well as a theatre.
    • If nothing else, the performance reinforced the fact that Dublin needs an opera house.
    • Sydney has a great reputation for performing arts, not least because the opera house attracts the best of international acts.
    • It is a fantastic opera house, with challenging productions.
    • Played multiple times, each player will spend a lot of time standing alone outside the opera house or a movie theater.
    • Just as the rain began to fall in buckets, we reached the opera house.
    • The Gehry opera house is not Frank's most dangerous design.
    • My dad owned the local opera house and was a playwright, my mother, an actress.
    • The opera house last year planned to recruit 20 new actors but only found 13.
    • Greg has had little sympathy for those who go to the opera house or the concert hall for the purposes of spiritual uplift or communion with ossified High Culture.