Traducción de opium en Español:


opio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈoʊpiəm//ˈəʊpɪəm/


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    opio masculino
    • But we have to remember that in the nineteenth century opium was a painkiller.
    • Picasso had a brief flirtation with opium and hashish, during the Rose and Blue periods, but soon abandoned them.
    • These suggestions were based on evidence that showed that opium was addictive.
    • Alexander has brought in a picture of himself smoking opium with tribes in Northern Thailand.
    • Surgeons would attempt to stupefy the patient with alcohol, opium, or morphia, but with little effect.
    • Against the recurrent agony, Scott took dangerously large amounts of opium.
    • Although he replied that he did not even know what opium looked like, his bags were emptied and searched.
    • The uncle's wife is moved into the town house where she smokes opium on her bed everyday.
    • This wasn't the boy who seemed to be high on opium every time I met him.
    • The Portuguese imported both tobacco and opium, and supplied a cheap instrument for addicts, the pipe.
    • At that time, about one-fifth of all opium brought into China was shipped on the Sassoon fleet.
    • Company ships were forbidden to carry opium, thus avoiding difficulties with the Canton authorities.
    • In 1804, while at Oxford, he had begun to take opium, and from 1812 he became an addict.
    • Wood suffered from chronic instability in his personal life, and was heavily addicted to opium.
    • Prior to the criminalisation of cocaine and opium, organised crime had no reason to be involved in the drugs trade.
    • Both are controlled drugs, and staff handed the morphine and opium over to the Home Office Drugs Inspectorate.
    • At Wadham he experimented with opium as an anaesthetic enabling doctors to perform prolonged surgery.
    • In the big house, there are also special rooms for smoking opium, playing mahjong and even fishing.
    • With minimal discretion, sly-looking men lounge amidst bricks of hash and balls of opium.
    • Misawa also debunked the view that substitute crops need to be more profitable than illegal opium.