Traducción de opposed en Español:


Pronunciación /əˈpoʊzd//əˈpəʊzd/


  • 1

    (against, in disagreement with)
    to be opposed to sth oponerse a algo
    • they remain opposed to the idea continúan oponiéndose a la idea
    • his views are diametrically opposed to mine tenemos opiniones diametralmente opuestas
    • I am strongly opposed to them being included me opongo terminantemente a que se los incluya
    • The government says it is opposed to paying ransom, but cannot prevent families of victims from making their own arrangements.
    • So, I'm not totally opposed to hormone replacement.
    • While I am not opposed to the construction of a new reactor at Lucas Heights, there are many who are.
    • Of those who disagreed to some extent, 99% said nurses were opposed to parental presence.
    • Nor was there anything to prevent those opposed to the whole concept of school board education from standing for election and, if successful, from hampering the development of the system.
    • I am adamantly opposed to the presently proposed route.
    • According to Mrs Newby, there is a silent majority of people in the village opposed to the construction of the new hall next to St Mary's.
    • I only had one man last week who was opposed to the ban.
    • He then tells the story of the Guggenheim's construction and how he was originally opposed to it.
    • Now you still get a majority opposed to integration, but when you add the word strongly you get a minority.
    • Personally, I'm opposed to the death penalty, but I can't understand why this person deserves it less than others who don't get clemency.
    • If she is so opposed to our system and way of life, why doesn't she pass up the profits, live like a pauper, and play in cafes and on street corners?
    • ‘Such implications are horrendous and Huntington Parish Council is totally opposed to such savage erosion of the local Green Belt,’ he said.
    • Personally, I am adamantly opposed to armed force and belong to a peace church that has a 450-year history of speaking out against all violence.
    • It facilitates construction of a reasoned argument by those opposed to a measure in its present form.
    • ‘I was opposed to the early release because I couldn't believe somebody capable of doing that could change in only two years,’ said Mrs Murray.
    • Ordinarily, I'm opposed to capital punishment, but in this case I don't think the court has any choice but to impose the maximum penalty provided by law.
    • The Pennsylvania delegates are adamantly opposed to pension cuts.
    • I am adamantly opposed to nightly curfews for children.
    • We are opposed to discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion, sexuality, race, and disability.