Traducción de optimal en Español:


óptimo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɑptəməl//ˈɒptɪm(ə)l/


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    • What are the optimal temperature and light conditions for the germination of these seeds?
    • Extraction solutions were then diluted to the optimal range for the ion concentration measurement.
    • These rules do not always give optimal outcomes, although they usually give good ones.
    • The modern-day emphasis is as much on avoiding illness as on enjoying optimal health.
    • The key is determining the optimal time to move from an internal to an external audit.
    • A good short story is a fictional vision which, in its optimal form, happens to have a short page count.
    • The optimal solution in my eyes is to have smoking banned in public places except for designated smoking areas.
    • Oral odours are best treated through meticulous oral hygiene and optimal dental care.
    • The optimal time for both starting and stopping treatment is unknown.
    • Plant two or more rows of the same variety side by side to ensure optimal pollination.
    • The shading requirements also seem to be less than optimal to keep the summer sun off walls.
    • The results indicated that the procedural modification was not optimal for the purpose.
    • I just need to fiddle around with it to get it in the optimal listening order.
    • Isn't optimal application of the laws of the game the ideal that we should strive for?
    • Instead, eat food first, then drink afterwards for optimal health and digestive tract function.
    • All of these together create an optimal smile and are part of the complete look.
    • Each filler is injected in a different way but, in most cases, two or more syringes will be needed for optimal results.
    • Nominating either more or fewer candidates than the optimal number costs a party seats.
    • This level of iron store is about twice as much as the optimal iron store for normal adults.
    • If an infant's condition is not as grave as was thought, he will live, and he can then be given optimal care if he has any handicaps.