Traducción de optional extra en Español:

optional extra

accesorio opcional, n.


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    accesorio opcional masculino
    extra masculino
    • The strap is an optional extra; you often see adverts for personalized ones in the papers, although plenty of luggage shops like Salisburys sell them.
    • On top of this, an electronic climate control, normally an optional extra costing £800, is available at a cut price of £250.
    • Over the past 18 months almost every car manufacturer has begun including adaptive headlamps in its list of optional extras.
    • It is available as an optional extra for 2.0-litre models and above.
    • The system is available as an optional extra on the latest SLK-Class roadster which goes on sale here in the summer.
    • The test car was fitted with plenty of optional extras.
    • But for the cars that seem to have everything, there are some optional extras available.
    • Sales and marketing director Tracey Brady says: ‘We want to provide our customers with a wide choice of quality optional extras that will help them create their dream home.’
    • This was supplied with new kits and made available as an optional extra for existing aircraft.
    • The problem had been selecting the optional extras.
    • Automatic window wipers and folding, electrically heated door mirrors are optional extras.
    • Another optional extra is a video of the flight, captured on an in-flight camera.
    • There are also a few optional extras available including seat warmers and a keyless entry system.
    • Also fairly impressive is the list of optional extras available for this American built machine.
    • Gloves were not an optional extra - they were as essential to your outfit as the right shoes or bag.
    • Lunch available in Stradbally is an optional extra.
    • It makes sense that the more optional extras you go for, the heavier the vehicle will be.
    • The multicolour seat, featured in the previous model, continues to be available as an optional extra.
    • Sauces and side orders are an optional extra, but sometimes the large, beautiful portions are quite enough by themselves.
    • A range of optional extras is available enabling a client to configure a system that best suits needs.