Traducción de orate en Español:


perorar, v.

Pronunciación /ɒˈreɪt//ˈɔˌreɪt//ɔˈreɪt//ˈɔːreɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • I remember him orating to a crowd of 200 or so steel workers, and someone shouted, ‘Winterbottom, you're a nutcase’.
    • He orates to overcapacity crowds on his favourite themes: ideology, psychoanalysis, religion and love.
    • At the podium he stood erect as if he were Adolf orating to a crowd of Hitler Youths.
    • Most statues of King have him marching or holding his hand up and orating.
    • And if the television shows she had selected began to lose her attention, she'd orate.
    • Ken Livingstone eventually emerged to orate about the day's Olympic bid.
    • The girl or woman he was addressing seemed to be expected to sit in silence, marvelling at the brilliance of the person orating at her.
    • He lectured pairs of tourists, gestured and orated grandly, tried to recruit them to his cause, and promptly forgot that he ever saw them.
    • Whereas Olivier orates in his first scenes, Branagh converses.
    • Still, with the thundering voice I'll bet he could certainly orate from the top of that tower.
    • Ali squeezed between the tables to capture our full attention, and began to orate: ‘Today, my dears, we have some specials.’
    • I recall, in my time here as a whip, which was some time ago, listening to him lamenting how members in the House had lost the ability to orate with skill.
    • Candidates may not move about the stage as they orate, nor may they question each other.
    • Republican State Chairman Tina Benkiser will orate, flanked by representatives of organizations such as the Southern Baptists and the Texas Conference of Churches.
    • When the headmaster attempted to take the money, the speaker moved it just beyond grasp while he orated on and on and on.
    • Our President isn't just going to just stand on a box and orate all the time.
    • And Adams, who the world likes, is there, orating, in the middle of what the world certainly does not like.
    • Sticking to his set speech he orated on governance and standards.
    • While Banquo is orating, just overhead a servant on his knees is scrubbing a bridge.
    • The pimply-faced pubescent gazed in wonderment as his elder sibling orated perceptively on the great mysteries of teenage life.