Traducción de orb en Español:


orbe, n.

Pronunciación /ɔrb//ɔːb/


  • 1

    (of monarch)
    orbe masculino
    • And what should be made of the cross surmounting the orb?
    • Last came the delivery of the sceptre and the orb.
    • Edward's is the first English royal seal to survive; the image of the king in majesty, enthroned with orb and sceptre, was borrowed from German models.
    • We were taught the symbolism of the orb and sceptre, a simultaneous lesson in civics and history.
    • This is a rare example of a once popular print and presents a traditional representation of the monarch with crown, orb and sceptre, the instruments of monarchical power.
  • 2literario

    (spherical object) esfera femenino
    (eye) ojo masculino
    (eye) lucero masculino literario
    • She looked into his eyes again, pale grey orbs that look almost white.
    • Each egg was carefully marked, in pencil, with the date of laying so, when the rubbery shelled orbs were extracted, a memory of summer days was present.
    • He was gazing at me through squinting grey eyes, rather than deep brown orbs.
    • She had pierced ears, too (which I didn't), displaying gold orbs which glowed in the soft light.
    • These images are courtesy of Rebekah Ford, who managed to get much better photos of the orbs than I did.
    • The 13 investigators used cameras and video equipment to search for ghouls on Friday night and captured images of glowing orbs and strange mists.
    • Sometimes I get busted, I blush and avert my orbs.
    • Atop the neck's silver rings was a necklace of four orbs of different color: blue, red, green and violet.
    • The faster the water flowed, the faster the orb rotated and not just in one direction either.
    • The orb, which weighs about 50 kg, would have caused serious damage if it had hit somebody.
    • Justin fired twice into the knob and was reassured as the golden orb dropped away from the door.
    • Then the large orange blossoms appear and eventually turn into small round orbs.
    • In the center of the vault was a pedestal, and on top of the pedestal was a spherical crystalline orb with some kind of necklace, or talisman beside it.
    • On the summit of the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey in London, 195 feet above the ground stands the goddess Justitia upon a golden orb.
    • Just by looking into those soulful orbs, I saw that this grizzled woodsman carried the weight of the modern world on his shoulders.
    • But for the dog, each and every brandishment of the fuzzy orb produces the same wondrous glee.
    • Emma felt uneasy under the close observation of those pale blue orbs and hastily looked away.
    • The giant orb plopped onto the path of an oncoming ferry and bobbed around like some wayward kind of multicoloured buoy.
    • The photographs we have taken also reveal orbs of light.
    • As the white orb expanded over me, I saw another world entirely inside.
    • The orb sits on your office desk and glows a quiet yellow.
    • At the right, a turquoise orb rises above a glyphlike marking of black diamond shapes with arm-like appendages set against a purple ground.
    • The green orbs glimmered gently in the pale moonlight, giving off an enigmatic appearance.
    • As it repeatedly rises from the floor to the ceiling, the big orb appears primal, hypnotic and definitely seductive.
    • When he has the orbs, he finally has the ability to get back at all the people he thinks harmed him, and is just completely driven by hate.