Traducción de orchestral en Español:


orquestal, adj.

Pronunciación /ɔːˈkɛstr(ə)l//ɔrˈkɛstrəl/


  • 1

    (music) orquestal
    (player) de orquesta
    (piece) para orquesta
    (piece) orquestal
    • In those early years he would frequently transcribe orchestral music for the organ.
    • He then moved into percussion and orchestral instruments before gravitating to singing and conducting.
    • No waves of orchestral music or familiar songs manipulate the audience's emotional responses.
    • Like its predecessors, the third volume of Richard Hickox's survey of Bridge's orchestral music mixes early and late works.
    • Recently it has been soundtrack music and orchestral music.
    • By 1800 Beethoven was writing more orchestral music, and the sonatas began to break away from the symphonic mould.
    • Mostly chamber music gets recorded, because orchestral music costs more to record.
    • You would believe that Debussy himself wrote the orchestral version of Claire de lune.
    • It's a stone cold fact that orchestral music either makes you fidget in your seat or it sweeps you away to another place.
    • The world's top maestros regularly earn more in a night than the orchestral musicians they are conducting earn in a year.
    • With the exception of contemporary music, orchestral concerts tend to be a safer bet to sell than theatre or opera.
    • I am madly in love with composing for orchestra and hope to die writing an orchestral piece!
    • In the week that the Scottish orchestras open their winter seasons, the future of orchestral music has never been under such scrutiny.
    • Of course he played tricks in his songs, as in his orchestral music and operas.
    • In the pit, Bruno Campanella conducts a purposeful yet expressive orchestral performance.
    • The sensitiveness of the suggestive language could be carried into the music and orchestral setting.
    • That means there is an imposing solemnity to everything that happens and a lush sweep of orchestral music to accompany every moment.
    • Reger, thanks to his experience as a conductor, was a master of orchestral sound.
    • No conductor presently active commands more respect from orchestral players than Lorin Maazel.
    • This week sees him hook up with the London Symphony Orchestra for four nights of 20th Century orchestral music.
    • From Auckland, Vivian had been an orchestral conductor while Harold played clarinet.
    • The beautiful sense of orchestral chamber music the trio brought to the Largo was memorable.
    • She conducts with gusto and vivacity, and her orchestral forces are unusually strong.
    • She has a BA in orchestral conducting and a diploma in advanced performance from the Royal College of Music.
    • Come Alive is a lush collection of orchestral pop tunes written and sung by Fox and backed by the cream of the crop of local players.
    • The music consists of lively orchestral music but only during battles.
    • His choral and vocal music is well known too, but his orchestral music much less so.
    • In the old version of the film this is scored with orchestral music, which the restoration has wisely removed.
    • I enjoyed listening to this music and the orchestral collaboration is excellent.
    • Just then, the movie began, with all its bright colors and orchestral music.
    • So after four years I moved to London to study orchestral conducting at the Royal College of Music.
    • More than a decade ago, Torke wrote a series of orchestral works inspired by colors.