Traducción de ordination en Español:


ordenación, n.

Pronunciación /ɔːdɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɔrdnˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    ordenación femenino
    • Infidelity to one's vows is sinful; infidelity to the grace and character of sacred ordination to the priesthood is sinful; sexual abuse in whatever form is sinful.
    • Whether at ordination a man expected to be a priest for thirty-seven years or forty-eight years, ordination was ordination.
    • Lutherans had agreed to the Episcopal practice of ordination by a bishop.
    • The Protestant Church of North India is now training women for ordination, despite initial resistance.
    • All churches have structures of ministry that they identify, in various ways, as arising from baptism and conferred through ordination and other forms of blessing and appointment.
    • When I mentioned this to my wife Regina she said, ‘It should teach you that ordination isn't for you; it's for the church.’
    • One is ordained and two are considering ordination.
    • With other controversial issues such as slavery and women's ordination, laity and clergy could find Bible verses to help Spirit-led changes.
    • Attending to political perceptions and consequences, while not unimportant, is nowhere to be found in the rite of episcopal ordination.
    • Encouraged by his mother and her great friend, John Donne, he accepted ordination as a deacon.
    • As for Harrigan, no fair reader could claim that the article did not delve into contentious issues such as liturgical reform, women's ordination, clerical sexual abuse, and racism.
    • One of the things I most look forward to, if the Lord wills, is attending my son Jeremy's ordination to the ministry.
    • Redwoods Presbytery voted 90-37 to approve Morrison's ordination and installation as a field director for More Light Presbyterians.
    • The more we think about ordination in the context of baptism, the greater the leveling effect.
    • Behr-Sigel recognizes that Orthodox women are not permitted to preach within the liturgy itself, and that the possibility of ordination to the presbyterate seems a dim prospect.
    • The church retains the right to deny ordination to people on many grounds: age, marital history, financial history, criminal history, psychiatric history, and so on.
    • I refer specifically to the Eastern tradition of requiring men to be married before they are ordained and prohibiting marriage after ordination.
    • Ministry does not begin at ordination, but at baptism.
    • The nature of each is spelled out in baptism and ordination.
    • Among Anglicans, responsibility for the good order of the Church is placed in the hands of bishops by custom, rites of ordination, and canon law.