Traducción de organic en Español:


orgánico, adj.

Pronunciación /ɔːˈɡanɪk//ɔrˈɡænɪk/


  • 1

    • 1.1Biología

      (life/disease) orgánico
      • Once your patrons eat it, it will be broken up about as much as anything organic can be, and then burned up in the metabolic process and released energetically.
      • If the native soil is sandy, use 50 percent soil and 50 percent organic material.
      • In buildings, fungi attack dead organic material, which in nature would fall to the forest floor and be broken down as part of the nitrogen cycle.
      • Often, the fatigue is transient or can be attributed to a definable organic illness.
      • Blum has only 13 acres of maintained turf, on which he uses mostly organic fertilizers and low-toxic pesticides.
      • Some of the material is organic in nature and is easily dealt with by microbial action.
      • Small, metal objects deeply embedded in soft tissue pose a lower risk for complication than even superficially embedded organic material, such as wood.
      • The carbon dioxide is derived almost entirely from the bacterial decomposition of organic matter in soil.
      • It is made by breaking down organic waste with the help of earthworms.
      • A recent study, however, showed that the use of modern technology minimised the likelihood of missing organic disease.
      • In terms of dating, the data are somewhat inconclusive because structured organic material (pollen and spores) are rare in most samples.
      • The reported patients mostly had normal lung function and did not have diagnosed organic illnesses.
      • Bacteria use oxygen to convert organic waste to carbon dioxide, water, and more bacteria.
      • The sediment, rich in heavy metal elements and organic substances, takes in dissolved oxygen and discharges smelly waste such as methane and sulphide into the water.
      • Sexual dysfunction may be symptomatic of organic or psychiatric disease.
      • The growing and dying of the mosses, lichens and grasses added organic matter to the soil.
      • The first step in properly decontaminating instruments, whether by hand or machine, is a cool water rinse to remove organic debris.
      • Almost all, though, contain some organic element, whether it's a shard of bamboo or a wooden peg.
      • If you don't add organic matter you destroy the soil.
      • Mulch adds organic matter to the soil as it breaks down, and it also shades the soil in summer and insulates it in winter.
      • The iodine released when the complex is in contact with the skin is not only available to kill microorganisms, but is also adsorbed by dead skin cells or other organic material.
      • Increasing age and underlying organic brain disease are two major risk factors for confusion in any patient hospitalized with sepsis.
      • Dairygold said in a statement that the natural organic waste spreading in Ballyduff and Camphire is fully treated and is both non-toxic and non-hazardous.
      • A soil rich in organic matter will help provide nutrients as well as improve drainage.
      • Sandflies are found around human habitations and breed in specific organic wastes such as feces, manure, rodent burrows, and leaf litter.

    • 1.2

      (fertilizer) orgánico
      (fertilizer) natural
      (farming) ecológico
      (farming) biológico
      (farming) sin pesticidas ni fertilizantes artificiales
      (vegetable) biológico
      (vegetable) cultivado sin pesticidas ni fertilizantes artificiales
      • A former president of the Soil Association, Helen has been actively involved in promoting the benefits of organic methods to the farming community.
      • The salad bars are stocked with seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farms, most of which use sustainable or organic farming methods.
      • Europe is taking the lead in the shift to sustainable farming practices and organic food production.
      • Just 66 additives are permitted in organic food production, and they must come from natural sources and exclude sweeteners and colourings.
      • They are confident that they can produce organic beef, but marketing it is a challenge.
      • In theory, organic methods of food production sound ideal.
      • Exhibitors will also offer organic foods to taste - from wheat-free pasta to juice, organic meat, baby food, wine, chocolate and more.
      • Consumers usually buy organic food because of the lack of pesticides and chemicals used during production.
      • In the Thirties, Rachel's Organic became Britain's first certified organic dairy farm.
      • Bradley received $36,500 to create a statewide network of organic livestock producers working with organic grain producers.
      • As organic farmers we already know about the many benefits of cover crops.
      • You don't see enough organic wines on restaurant lists, so this Catalan blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay is a real find.
      • Perhaps the most obvious immediate alternative to the conventional farming treadmill is for farmers to convert their production to organic methods.
      • We eat mostly organic, healthy food.
      • The report noted a continuing general lack of knowledge of exactly what is involved in organic farming and food production.
      • The co-op encourages farmers interested in organic farming to talk to producers who have already made the transition.
      • Meat produced from animals that receive antibiotics also could not be labeled organic.
      • The stands will offer speciality foods such as organic meats, fruit and vegetables, home baking, smoked fish, chutneys and relishes, she explained.
      • He has a national reputation as an advocate of organic foods.
      • Planning crop rotations is something that organic farmers must take seriously.

    • 1.3Química

      (substance/compound) orgánico
      • In this process the ether is shaken with an organic solute in aqueous solution.
      • Airborne particles can be organic or inorganic in nature and can range in size from 0.001 micrometers to several hundred micrometers.
      • During photosynthesis, plants reduce carbon from carbon dioxide to form organic molecules.
      • Carbohydrates are one of the most widely occurring types of organic compounds.
      • The mix was heated up and given an electrical charge and simple organic molecules were formed.

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    • 2.1(coordinated)

      (whole/body/system) orgánico
      • As a ‘legacy force’ unit, we had a robust organic support structure.
      • Health systems need to be organic and flexible rather than rigid and mechanistic.
      • The next morning, I stumble downstairs to find the corporate machine whirring along with seamless organic synergy.
      • An intelligence staff is organic to the brigade and its subordinate battalions and squadron.
      • The film is filled to overflowing with strange and wondrous images, but they all feel organic to that world, never thrown on screen simply for their own sake.
      • I took diverse or disparate elements and gave them some kind of organic unity.
      • The majority of the songs on the album blend each element into a full, organic, and integrated whole.
      • There is no sense of organic unity in the work as a whole - one is simply taken from event to event, often at speed.
      • In effect, his gender typecasting distances fathers from the organic web of relationships stressed in the early sections of the book and traps mothers within them.
      • These elements include comprehensive planning for the city as an organic whole, and emphases on the circulation of goods and people, on order and security, and on hygiene and health.
      • Driven by the visuals, not its own logic, it is a series of musical vignettes rather than an organic whole.
      • This confessional record was prompted by ‘changes in her life’, and it is a natural, organic work, melodic yet quirkily experimental too.
      • The new methods had a major impact on urban archaeology, as the town became envisaged more as an organic whole.
      • Instead of a coherent whole expressing an organic unity through every aspect of its being, the engineers hand us a bag of separate traits.
      • In 1968, however, the two churches officially stated that their goal is full, organic unity.
      • The work is a mixture of new and old texts, and original and traditional melodies, seamlessly forming an organic whole.
      • It's the kind of organic synergy businesses dream about.
      • Operational and tactical effectiveness have an organic relationship; neither in isolation is likely to bring battlefield victory.
      • Research has shown that although many organizations are adopting organic structures there are many that are not, even though they are in similar kinds of markets.
      • Survival depended on operating as an integrated organic whole.

    • 2.2(integral)

      (part) integral
      (part) integrante