Traducción de organization en Español:


organización, n.

Pronunciación /ɔːɡ(ə)nʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɔrɡənəˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    organización femenino
    • Nearly a third thought it a bad idea for the state to fund religious organizations for any purpose.
    • For some organizations, the management of personnel can be seen as just one other asset to be managed.
    • Today, there exist thousands of these organizations in all parts of the world.
    • Relationships are structured by how people think, feel, and act in organizations.
    • Rebuilding Together is a national non-profit organization dedicated to repairing homes for low income, elderly and disabled homeowners.
    • He's likely to seek out terrorist organizations, which is a very dangerous position.
    • Changes in the leadership lineup are normal in any dynamic organization.
    • At the outset of World War I in Europe, American librarians had only recently established a national professional organization.
    • The Sierra Club remains the largest and most effective grassroots conservation organization in the world.
    • Many charitable organizations responded, and others were set up for the purpose.
    • We have been contacted by various legal organizations interested in our case.
    • The Carers Association is the national voluntary organisation for family carers in the home.
    • International organizations are also structures for political communication.
    • People, departments, and organizations want power and the rewards that go with it.
    • Private sector companies and organisations will also be able to get foundation status.
    • It wants more schools and public sector organisations to use local ingredients.
    • A new national organisation to monitor NHS health boards is seeking to recruit more members in Orkney.
    • It was the first time these four business organisations have come together for such an event.
    • They lobby local and national government on behalf of businesses and organisations.
    • This is my fifth season as Master of Ceremonies for this remarkable organization.
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    organización femenino
    • The vast majority of its staff are engaged in conference organization, which involves convening meetings, preparing meeting rooms, and producing documents.
    • Lectures convey the professor's interpretation of the events she relates, through her selection of facts and her organization of the material.
    • We are dealing here with bureaucracy as a principle of administrative technique and organization.
    • Seirawan's classification and organization of tactical motifs has its idiosyncrasies.
    • Many thanks to Toby who put a lot of organization and time into this, and made this happen.
    • Yet they also led to formidable new problems in organization and management.
    • To propose central planning and organisation makes you a naive dinosaur.
    • As for content, key features of organisation and management are bundled into unmeasurable concepts.
    • And most unions are working on these things, for example by allocating extra time and resources to education, organization and representation.
    • Augustine turned to Gregory for instructions on organization, management, and discipline.
    • I have managed the sales organization for channel sales in New York and New Jersey.
    • After all the build-up, planning and organisation, the Fringe is finally here.
    • Computers can also cut time and costs spent on the control, organisation and operation of the production process.
    • Stroke units may also vary in terms of organisation, management, and skill mix.
    • It feels it would be better with the administration and organisation of the centre in the hands of council staff.
    • He specified three stages in the cognitive organization of experience.
    • The convenor and steward were both suspended two weeks ago and this was seen as a direct attack on union organisation.
    • They will be planning and discussing organization of future events and a form letter on housing issues for students.
    • Police reports claimed the activists were behind the whole organisation of the affair.
    • The IIR specialises in conference organisation, property rental and training.
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    (order, system)
    método masculino
    sistema masculino
    • This is when the concept of spatial design and organization comes into play.
    • If evidence is to be found to support such a hypothesis, it will be by examining patterns of genomic organization.
    • Socialism is and has always been considered a system of economic organization of society.
    • Unlike in the post-industrial world, social organization changed as a direct result of demographic growth.
    • The organization, scope and structure of the committee has a significant impact in this regard.
    • The Preface sets forth the book's pedagogical goals, conceptual structure and formal organization.
    • The organization of the whole thing is very symphonic in nature, which is deliberate on my part.
    • The study was undertaken at two neighbouring hospitals which differ in organisation and management.
    • Unfortunately, the layout and organization of the book make it very difficult to work with.
    • The effects of these drugs on cell morphology and organization were also investigated.
    • The details of guard cell wall composition and organization are, unfortunately, not known.
    • The arrangement of a field system, its organization, and the nature of the components within it say a lot about its origins and how it worked.
    • The organisation of social insurance systems also differ considerably from each other.
    • A second model of membrane organization has developed in the past two decades.
    • This provided an element of democracy and a basic structure of organisation.
    • Tactics were unveiled to party activists in Perth, at a conference to reform party organisation.
    • Because of this, many sectors have not yet moved away from old patterns of organisation.
    • For centuries, marriage has been a basic element of social organization in societies around the world.
    • This phenomenon could be a source of spatial self-organization in biological membranes.
    • This would defeat the whole advantage of multicellular organization and lead to a dead end.