Traducción de orient en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɔriˌənt//ˈɒrɪənt//ˈɔːrɪənt/


  • 1

    the Orient (the Orient) (el) Oriente

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    to orient oneself orientarse
    • to orient oneself (to sth) adaptarse (a algo)
    • That is to say, the difference between Greenwich time and local time is a way of orienting oneself in space, of knowing where one is, and how one is heading.
    • He groaned, and felt the bulkhead, slowly coming to his knees, and standing, trying to orient himself to his position on ‘B’ deck.
    • It is very difficult for him to orient himself in these new surroundings; he often needs help locating the kitchen or bathroom.
    • The guy who used to run my team and lost a bundle of money, has moved over (ie spun off) a more sales-oriented business unit.
    • We had three girls and I learned a lot from Marc because he's very detail-oriented, a genius in business, international.
    • The justification of such a setting rests exclusively on the fact that, by means of such concepts and mental relations between them, we are able to orient ourselves in the labyrinth of sense impressions.
    • This is probably due once again to the service-oriented business models of the respondents to our survey.
    • I was always very detail- and result-oriented in my food business.
    • Your guidepost will work best if it's lined up directly with your destination, but it can be off to the side as long as you orient yourself accordingly.
    • Perhaps that acute awareness of their natural surroundings explains why they are able to orient themselves with such great facility on modern graphic maps introduced by the researcher, the government agent, or the community mapper.
    • But the sun was shining and all felt well with the world, so I tucked in, whilst orienting myself with the city in my guide.
    • The company's philosophy, says director of business development Ron Schlenker, is to take the strategic sourcing mentality and orient it toward product development.
    • The company will set up a new export oriented formulations unit in Indore next year.
    • Scientists surmise this allows the bacteria to orient themselves relative to Earth's magnetic field to guide their movement to desirable locations.
    • Sixteen years ago there was very little choice of family oriented venues in Pattaya.
    • Perhaps it would have been a decision that was less business-oriented but a more popular decision.
    • Hoa Hao followers say that like Muslims but unlike other Buddhists, they orient themselves in prayer in relation to a fixed point.
    • It seems your magazine is no longer content-oriented, it is now stuff-oriented.
    • Or maybe too much of the futures field is oriented around business to the extent it's lost sight of things that are truly radical.
    • To be fully marketing-oriented, a company would have to adapt its offering to meet the needs of each individual.
    • This boy, while capable of orienting himself intellectually, is quite incapable of endowing these surroundings with an adequate emotion.
    • I stepped out of the tube, oriented myself and walked towards the place past Harrods.
    • The first one is oriented to the business world, and the second one is for all of us who enjoy using the computer for more than work.
    • The population still able to walk around wandered about the smoking ruins in a bewildered daze, unable to find their loved ones, incapable of orienting themselves, as all landmarks had vanished.
    • He suggested that the pineal organ might have been phototropic, helping the animal to orient itself relative to the surface of the water.
    • It just felt nice to be a part (however fresh-faced and transitory) of a different city, orienting myself slowly, getting a feel for the grid system.
    • Chen opened a number of politically oriented enterprises, including highly profitable correspondence schools.
    • You can orient yourself by facing the mountains, your back to Kingston Harbour.
    • The place was really trendy, yet the ambience was very family oriented.
    • She is your eyes as you operate the game's ‘look around’ function to orient yourself in a landscape or position yourself to jump off a cliff.
    • For example, we are tailoring advanced individual training to make it assignment-oriented.
    • Through the metallic coldness of a long distance phone connection, Mariza's voice crackles with warmth as we do Time Zone Math to orient ourselves in relation to each other on the planet.
    • Because of the vast amounts of information, an object oriented approach may prove useful.
    • For a business that claims to be so very customer-oriented, they really are not.
    • Practices of devoted listening to the Word teach us to recognize God's voice, to stay within earshot and to let the living mercy that is Jesus Christ orient our lives more fully to God.
    • These days, most cognitive and visual scientists agree that men and women have slightly different ways of orienting themselves spatially.
    • The largely business-oriented crowd at the Downtown Hotel was quite vocally in favour of such a development, by whatever means.
    • It's disconcerting, coming from a city where you orient yourself by the river.
    • It will introduce the sections of the exhibition, including a color-coded map to help visitors orient themselves in the visually crowded environment.
    • Business-oriented people constantly read about Apple's successes and products in their news sources.