Traducción de orthodoxy en Español:


ortodoxia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɔrθəˌdɑksi//ˈɔːθədɒksi/

nombrePlural orthodoxies

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    ortodoxia femenino
    • He was a powerful figure in the Vatican and a guardian of orthodoxy for a very conservative pope.
    • To this extent the Lib Dem thinking on fiscal policy is firmly rooted in the orthodoxies of the 1970s.
    • Holism was the unquestioned orthodoxy of the Western tradition of practising medicine and investigating nature for the two millennia before the nineteenth century.
    • The practice of politics is based on rigid orthodoxies that defy empirical testing.
    • One need not subscribe to orthodoxies - proper beliefs-in order to pray to God.
    • Emerson's worldview, repelled by orthodoxies, was open-ended, evolving, unspecified, rejecting all incarnations as strictly pro tern.
    • Those who challenge widely accepted orthodoxies, believing them to rest on sand, will need to ensure that their own challenges have secure foundations.
    • The apparent orthodoxy of forbidding all orthodoxies is a philosophical puzzle in liberalism since John Locke.
    • Socrates believed in the intrinsic value of asking honest questions and challenging orthodoxy.
    • The orthodoxies of fiscal rectitude and monetary restraint are no more.
    • The cover tells us a lot about the book itself, particularly its aim which is to give designers a kick-start, an infusion of new ideas or challenge existing orthodoxies about Web design.
    • New doctrinal and linguistic orthodoxies were put in place to institutionalize the gains made by revisionists in the name of pluralism and inclusivity.
    • Radical innovators challenge the dogmas and the orthodoxies of the incumbents.
    • Rosenberg builds on Marx's work in order both to criticize prevailing orthodoxies in international relations theory and to develop an alternative theoretical position.
    • His ideas themselves went against the dirigiste orthodoxies of his age and discipline, and earned him much disdain and opprobrium.
    • Rejecting orthodoxies and abstract theories alike, the neoconservatives tended to operate in close proximity to ongoing events.
    • Indeed, challenging public orthodoxies about the past in a constructive and sympathetic way is one of the most valuable contributions that the historian can make in the museum sector.
    • He was distinctly nervous of orthodoxies and almost physically pained by rigid doctrinal systems.
    • She knows all about political correctness and challenging prevailing orthodoxy.
    • It is true that past scientific orthodoxies have themselves inspired policies that hindsight reveals to be seriously flawed.
    • The Kharijites tolerated no slight deviance from their orthodoxies and ideas of morality.
    • No-one should argue against teaching future citizens to think critically and to subject orthodoxies and truisms to rigorous examination.
    • The more basic problem lies in the undoubted decline, for a significant minority, of assent to previously popular orthodoxies and ideologies.
    • So in the end, the internet gives us the opportunity to make more nuanced expressions of our political worldview, which makes obsolete old orthodoxies and old definitions of left and right.