Traducción de Ottoman en Español:


otomano, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɑdəmən//ˈɒtəmən/

nombrePlural ottomans, Plural Ottomans

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    otomano masculino
    otomana femenino
    before noun the Ottoman Empire el Imperio Otomano
    • While Sharif Hussein's sons gathered an army to fight the Ottomans, British and French officials were already deciding the real shape of the postwar Middle East.
    • In fact, the British needed the Ottoman alliance against the French to protect their Indian routes as much as the Ottomans needed the British.
    • The Turks were never just Ottomans and Muslims, you see.
    • During the 1700s and 1800s, the Russian Empire battled the Ottomans for control over the region.
    • The Ottomans protected the region from invasion by the major European powers until the nineteenth century.
    • The Romans, Ottomans, and British resolved this issue easily and brutally, through the imposition of imperial levies.
    • It is important to note that although they were Muslims, the Ottomans were not Arabs - they were Turks.
    • But the Turks were never just Ottomans, or Muslims, or even Asiatics.
    • The Ottomans were then replaced by the British and French colonies.
    • From the Ottomans it passed directly to the British.
    • The galleys with which the Greeks fought the Persians in classical times were not so different from those with which the Venetians fought the Ottomans 2,000 years later.
    • However, eighteen months after the expulsion of the Ottomans there was still no Arab government in place, and a rebellion started by the Euphrates tribes was in full swing.
    • The Ottomans, when they were facing British and French incursion, put together this idea of pan-Islam back in the 1880s.
    • Assyrians were in the region long before the British, the Ottomans, the Arabs, and the Kurds.
    • The arrival of the Mongols and the Ottomans had disrupted trade routes, and certain areas of Europe were edging into depression.
    • Instead, the Ottomans insisted on treating European states on their own Islamic terms.
    • Here we marvelled at more of the chequered history of our host country involving the Byzantines, the Romans, and the Ottomans as well as the Bulgarians.
    • This tolerant approach of the Moors and Ottomans is instructive for today's world.
    • Why they stayed there so long is because the Babylonians and later the Persians and the Ottomans made life in that part of the world relatively easy.
    • The Russian victories over the Ottomans in 1768-74 gave them the opportunity to initiate the partition of Poland.
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    otomana femenino