Traducción de outdated en Español:


pasado de moda, adj.

Pronunciación /aʊtˈdeɪtɪd//ˌaʊtˈdeɪdəd/


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    (word/fashion/style/custom) pasado de moda
    (word/fashion/style/custom) anticuado
    (theory/idea) anticuado
    (theory/idea) trasnochado
    • If we are to mature as a society as well as a nation, then we should put outdated prejudices behind us, stop the silly jokes, and grow up.
    • It's antiquated and outdated, more of a reminder of a bygone era in college football.
    • November 24 will signal the end of the outdated licensing system, which dates back to the First World War.
    • So here we stand, out in the pasture in very much the same way as the outdated and obsolete horse.
    • We need to reduce our dependence on a centralized, outdated and overstressed electrical grid.
    • Traditional degree classifications could become a thing of the past after a new report declared them outdated.
    • Maybe there's an outdated city law that needs to be amended, starting with a petition.
    • Yet France and Germany, with the UK and Italy not far behind, say such criticism is outdated.
    • The new rules will remove outdated references to penal servitude and imprisonment with hard labour.
    • This is no longer a temptation for us, and so we leave behind this outdated moral teaching.
    • It amazes me that many people do not realize this and still cling to the outdated relics of the past.
    • You emphasize that some of those magazines from the past are strangely not outdated.
    • If approval isn't granted in September, the application may die due to outdated financial data.
    • Rather than this being understood as outdated elitism, or arrogance, this can be read more subtly.
    • Yet the easiest way to describe it is as a pop album recorded on hopelessly outdated equipment.
    • These studies point to flaws in student assistance in this province, which is at best an outdated system.
    • Old and outdated equipment is also a factor in the decision to retrench.
    • It was rundown, with outdated equipment and a half-empty order book.
    • The understanding that only through good examination results can one succeed has long been outdated.
    • Take away the outdated reasoning, and what you have is an old-fashioned cartel.