Traducción de outermost en Español:


exterior, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈaʊdərˌmoʊst//ˈaʊtəməʊst/


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    the outermost island in the archipelago la isla más remota del archipiélago
    • The shoot and three punches of tissue taken from the second outermost scale were weighed and dried for at least 4 weeks at 70°C.
    • The outermost cell layer is the epidermis with a cuticle that covers the entire seed coat.
    • Earlier, we stressed that lactase is located on the outermost surface of the intestinal cells.
    • Enamel, the hardest tissue in the body, covers the dentin and forms the outermost layer of the crown.
    • As a result of this setup, low gear is when the belt is at the innermost radius of the driving pulley and the outermost surface of the driven pulley; high gear is when the belt is at the top of the driving pulley and the bottom of the driven pulley.
    • Carbon atoms have four outermost electrons and need eight to be more stable.
    • Comets originate in the Oort Cloud, which lies beyond the orbit of the outermost planet.
    • The digit's outermost bone, the distal phalanx, can also yield some clues.
    • If you feel the need to share your innermost thoughts and outermost talents with the world, or check out some established sites, here's where to go.
    • Only the outermost two or three cell layers and the inner epidermis remain compact at anthesis.
    • The outermost layer of skin is swept clean of dead cells, which are vacuumed away.
    • The outermost layer is called enamel, and is harder than bone.
    • Oh, and I also think the Congestion Charge should be as extended to the outermost reaches of central London.
    • The jester tapped the onion with his free hand and the outermost layer of skin peeled back.
    • For example, screeners would not have to pat down ‘those persons whose outermost garments closely conform to the natural contour of the body.’
    • There are a vast network of interconnecting buses in most urban centres, out to the outermost suburbs of town.
    • The cries of ‘Fore!’ ricocheted around the course like wayward drives bouncing between the trees that line this course at its outermost periphery.
    • We see the outermost layers of clouds, which are probably composed of icy crystals of methane.
    • He explains that if you strip off the outermost layers, frequently they are as good as new.
    • The city centre is Zone 1 and the outermost suburbs are Zone 6.